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What is M.B.A. Disease? Know the Signs

Long-time consumer advocate, podcaster, and radio personality Clark Howard arguably coined the term M.B.A. disease. In short, the affliction is associated with a person taking over a company’s management and viewing their job as cutting costs while adding fees without ...

3 Quick Tips For Business Owners In 2017

Have you committed to any New Year’s business resolutions for 2017? Here are three suggestions that may help your sales team and staff be more productive in the upcoming year and enable you to understand better whether they’re doing the ...

Maximize Your Facebook Business Page (Part Five: Share, Like & Comment)

It would be best if you dedicated time to browsing the Facebook pages of your identified demographics. Friend them. Follow them. Like and share their posts. This is the social media equivalent of walking around the room at a party, ...

Maximize Your Facebook Business Page (Part Four: Post Frequency & Scheduling)

As with any content, it’s essential to post valuable information to your target audience. It’s a fine line between posting too frequently, not enough, and just the proper amount.

Maximize Your Facebook Business Page (Part Three: What And What Not To Post)

Your business page aims to engage, inform, interact, and attract homebuyers. Let’s discuss what you should and shouldn’t place on your timeline.

Maximize Your Facebook Business Page (Part Two: The Call To Action)

One of the most overlooked benefits of your Facebook Business Page is the call to action button. This week I’m going to discuss how to place your CTA, the variety of options available as well as what I believe is ...

Maximize Your Facebook Business Page (Part One: The Set Up)

For our next Tuesday Tips Series I’m going to provide valuable insights on how to get the best results from your Facebook Business page. We’re going to begin this week with exactly how to set up your page.

Marketing Automation And Why You Need It (Part Three: Close More Sales)

  This week I’m going to explain how to transform your marketing automation leads into bona fide sales.

Marketing Automation And Why You Need It (Part Two: Nurture Your Leads)

Last week we talked about the importance of knowing who is visiting your website. Now it’s time to discuss how to nurture them while increasing their interest.

Marketing Automation And Why You Need It (Part One: Know Who Is Visiting Your Website)

Welcome to “Marketing Automation And Why You Need It”. Over the next four weeks you will discover how a properly utilized CRM/Marketing Automation strategy can help you capture, nurture and transform leads into customers automatically. In order to achieve more ...