Maximize Your Facebook Business Page (Part Five: Share, Like & Comment)

Maximize Your Facebook Business Page (Part Five: Share, Like & Comment)

December 5th, 2016


It would be best if you dedicated time to browsing the Facebook pages of your identified demographics. Friend them. Follow them. Like and share their posts. This is the social media equivalent of walking around the room at a party, introducing yourself, and getting to know everyone. Failing to interact with others is the same thing as being a wallflower, and that simply isn’t going to help your business.

Social check-ins, as I like to call this process, can be performed anytime, anywhere. There is no rule of thumb on how often you should like and share posts, but this is one of those social media occasions where the more interaction you invest, the more exposure you gain.

  • Once you’ve logged into your Facebook Business Page, your first stop should always be to check your notifications.


  • If someone engages with you, respond and reciprocate.


  • Next, scroll through your timeline, liking and sharing posts placed by others.


  • When liking, you can select the original “thumbs up” icon or a variety of emoticons to convey how you feel about their post. Share posts with your friends/followers on your timeline for maximum exposure.


  • When sharing, you even have the opportunity to comment on the post. Another option is to comment on posts, which will show up on the Facebook user’s timeline.


These social check-ins will generate exposure, strengthen social relationships, and drive more clients to your Facebook page.

Still, have questions about how to Maximize Your Facebook Business Page? Feel free to call me directly at 615.257.0057. I’m always happy to help!