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The number one item a potential customer wants to see on a homebuilder website is floor plans. Power Marketing uses multiple designers and software to create user-friendly, custom floor plans to engage home buyers. Whether it’s 2D, 3D, or interactive floor plans, Power Marketing provides unique designs for any budget.

Power Marketing can create 2D floor plans customized to your company’s needs. We offer black & white and color options.

3D floor plans create a “wow factor” by showing potential homebuyers a more accurate representation of a floor plan. These floor plans can include image depictions of windows, bathrooms, flooring, and kitchen fixtures.

Interactive Floor Plans allow the buyer to design to their exact specifications from the comfort of their computer. If they want to add a room, remove a wall, or add a fireplace, interactive floor plans give you the opportunity for homebuyers to tell you what they want. Buyers like options, and the more time they spend on your website, the more likely they are to become a customer.

Interactive Site Plan

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An interactive site plan provides your potential buyers with real-time information on what sites are sold, available, or pending. You can show premium lots and include interactive floor plans, views from each home site, and more. They can be customized to your brand and offer you valuable data and analytics. Our site plans are beautifully integrated, very user-friendly, and provide a superior homebuying experience. Help educate your homebuyers before they ever step foot in your sales office.

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Why hire Power Marketing's design team?


We build sites that not only look beautiful but also work well on all devices and screen sizes.


We pay particular attention to not only design, but to SEO best practices, content planning and growth over time.


We know the home builder industry, and our websites are designed to convert casual browsers into buyers.


Our custom home builder websites are designed around your needs to provide a unique experience. They are built in Wordpress to allow easy maintenance, updates and portability.


More Information About Custom Home Builder Websites

Making decisions about design and maintenance of your custom home builder website can be intimidating, and we want to make those decisions easier.

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In 2022, the new construction housing market shifted with the rise in interest rates. The market remained solid. 2023 has seen a limited inventory but maintained growth, and 2024 remains a "wait and see" but all indications are the growth will continue. With this positive outlook moving forward we created this compilation of the 21 best digital marketing tips for home builders to give you an edge with your digital marketing and website development.

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