Maximize Your Facebook Business Page (Part Two: The Call To Action)

Maximize Your Facebook Business Page (Part Two: The Call To Action)

November 15th, 2016


One of the most overlooked benefits of your Facebook Business Page is the call to action button. This week I’m going to discuss how to place your CTA, the variety of options available as well as what I believe is the best selection for your homebuilding business.

Setting Up Your Facebook Business CTA Button

  1. Under your company’s cover photo, you will see the option to add a button.


2. By clicking on the blue button, you will be given several options. Being that you’re using Facebook as a sales tool, focus on the second item in the drop-down list, “Get In Touch With Us”.



3. Here, you will see even more options to choose from. Let’s focus on the choices that will drive as much traffic to your business as possible:


You can place your phone number using “Call Now,” enabling visitors to “click to call” directly.

You can place a link to your website using “Contact Us,” directing traffic to your homepage or any page of your site for that matter.

You can direct your Facebook audience to “Sign Up,” a great opportunity to provide them with a white paper in exchange for their contact information.

What makes your Facebook CTA button truly powerful is the option to change your specific call to action at any time. Rotating through the three suggested actions above is a great idea, gauging which button generates the best response.

Next week I will explain what you should and shouldn’t post on your Facebook Business Page.

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