Marketing Automation And Why You Need It (Part One: Know Who Is Visiting Your Website)

Marketing Automation And Why You Need It (Part One: Know Who Is Visiting Your Website)

October 11th, 2016


Welcome to “Marketing Automation And Why You Need It”. Over the next four weeks you will discover how a properly utilized CRM/Marketing Automation strategy can help you capture, nurture and transform leads into customers automatically.

In order to achieve more sales, it’s imperative to capture serious, eager leads. Attempting to attract everybody in the hopes they will magically convert to a paying client is kind of like eating soup with a fork. Plain and simple, focusing on prospects searching for what you’re selling will create more sales, and it all starts with capturing your leads.

Know Who Is Visiting Your Website

You may be driving enormous amounts of traffic to your website via organic search or PPC ads—which is great—but do you really know who is visiting? Of course you review analytics, but even Google doesn’t provide you with the name, email address or phone number of leads who browsed your website. It’s imperative that you capture this information, and a marketing automation service like Infusionsoft is able to do just that.

Provide Leads Information They Can’t Get Anywhere Else 

Offer valuable content available only by download in exchange for contact information and be notified automatically every time a serious lead makes a request. No longer will you need to waste time or money on potential clients who are nothing more than “tire-kickers”—you will have access to serious, interested prospects.

Next week I will share exactly how you can easily and affordably leverage this vital information to nurture your buyers.

Can’t wait until next week to learn more about Marketing Automation? Call me directly at 301.416.7861 and I will be happy to explain all the benefits of Easy LeadLocker, our very own Marketing Automation service built and created utilizing the power of Infusionsoft.