To Successfully Market, You Must First Thoroughly Understand

To Successfully Market, You Must First Thoroughly Understand

October 4th, 2015


I hope that doesn’t come across as some type of Jedi mantra or cutesy rhetoric, but really, it’s the best way I can quickly summarize what every builder marketing new homes has to grasp. You need to properly understand your prospective home buyers!

No factor plays into our ability to influence others more than this; it’s crucial to understand the persona you are attempting to reach. You can’t simply “buy” someone’s attention—you have to earn it. As marketers we understand the importance of compelling messaging, whether it be through email subject lines, engaging content, photos, videos and a variety of other tools and strategies.

The human brain’s Reticular Activating System (RAS) works diligently to not only grant access to invited information, but also to keep out unwanted, the background noise, chatter and stimulation deemed consciously irrelevant. The goal is to make your message relevant, allowing what you have to say to pass through the RAS of the conscious mind.


Would you like to see an example of how effective this concept really is? Remember the old saying “You catch more flies with honey than vinegar?” This phrase really is accurate based on the functioning of the brain’s RAS. Compliments really do work. Flattery is powerful. Referring to a person by their name produces amazing results. Why? Because this type of self-centered communication stimulates an area of the brain that leads to higher performance. You’ve been granted access past the hall monitor of the RAS.

As Stephen Covey said, “Seek first to understand, then to be understood.”

By taking the time to truly understand your audience and their values, you will create better marketing that grabs and keeps their attention. The “What’s In It For Me Principle” invites your targeted persona to reciprocate by actually receiving your message. Now, you really have something!

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