Why Should Homebuilders Incorporate Video Into Their Marketing?

Video Helps Homebuyers Envision Life In Their New Home
Of course every homebuilder must incorporate great photography on their website, but including video content gives you the ability to show people enjoying life in their new home. Video is a powerful tool, tapping into the brain’s mirror neurons. When your homebuyers actually see families—just like theirs—smiling in their new home, it creates warm emotions, leading prospects to relate those feelings with your homebuilding business.

Custom Videos Play Well On Mobile Devices
Everyday, more and more homebuyers are searching for their new home on cell phones, iPads and various other mobile devices. When your website incorporates custom created videos you’ll be able to easily present your product to all of those “on the go” potential homebuyers.

Share Your Videos On Social Media
Custom home videos don’t need to live solely on your homebuilding website. You have the ability to reach a much greater audience by posting your website videos throughout all of your social media channels. Place an engaging video featuring your new homes on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and watch them take on a life of their own!

Customized Videos Quickly Convey Your Homebuilding Message
Of course homebuyers enjoy the creative content presented on your homebuilding website, but videos are able to actively—and visually— reach your audience in a very unique way. Providing a customized video empowers homebuilders the opportunity to showcase new homes to a captive, eager audience.

Google Loves Videos
Looking for a search engine boost for your homebuilding website? Custom videos can help increase your organic rank! The most used search engines, including Google and Bing, have incorporated algorithms that actually place websites featuring video content higher in organic search results.

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