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What is a home builders’ most powerful marketing tool? It is your home building website. Without an attractive, functioning, mobile-friendly website, none of the available online marketing options will produce the results you expect. The company website is the first interaction your customers have with your home building business. It’s crucial they are impressed by the web design, navigation, information provided and, now more than ever, the ability to easily view your website on mobile devices. It’s important to hire professional home builder website designers to produce a site of which you can be proud, and that’s what we offer at Power Marketing.

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Websites For Home Builders

Home Builder website design is very similar to constructing a house. You want to start with a solid foundation. It’s a collaborative process. Each one is different and tailored to a client’s specific needs and budget. People want to work with someone who’s experienced and has done it before.

Have you ever attempted to view your home building website on a smartphone but were forced to expand the display in order to actually read the print? Imagine how frustrated your home buying prospects must be! Chances are they quickly eliminate you as the potential builder of their new home and instead continue their search until they land on a home building website developed to be mobile-friendly. Trust us—this happens all too often when websites are not built by website developers. Don’t give your home buyers a reason to choose the competition.

To avoid this scenario, you should find experienced home builder web developers and designers to create and support your website. Power Marketing‘s industry-experienced Web Designers, and Developers are specialists in creating custom websites for home builders. Our sites are crafted to be responsive on any device and loaded with the latest back-end tools, coding, and creative content, ensuring your viewers have an amazing, memorable experience. Thus allowing you to generate more leads and increase sales.

Once a website is completed is important to continue to maintain it properly. A website is a living, breathing representation of your business. It should be properly updated and maintained. There should be someone, whether internal or a marketing partner like Power Marketing, that looks after it to make sure it’s running smooth and fast. That any issues or errors can be addressed and taken care of in a timely manner.

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Best Custom Home Building Websites

Power Marketing is a WordPress design company specializing in websites for home builders like you. WordPress is the basic CMS for the site. In other words, the framework on which a website is built and its contents are managed. The advantage of a website built in WordPress is not only its functionality but also its portability. Be careful of any design company that wants to place your website on a proprietary CMS. You’re almost always locked into working with them unless you invest in a full website redesign. WordPress sites can be easily managed and changed by almost any digital marketing firm, and even internally. Check out our blog covering ‘How Home Builders Benefit from Custom Websites’ here.

Our senior web designers will build a custom home building website to set you apart from your competitors. We also provide reliable website maintenance to keep your website design updated for appearance and functionality, plus content development to keep it fresh. The days of set-it-and-forget-it web design are gone. Your website must be updated regularly with new content to succeed in an online search. The pros at Power Marketing have you covered.

Why hire Power Marketing’s Website Design Team?

We build sites that not only look beautiful but also work well on all devices and screen sizes.
We pay particular attention to not only design but to SEO best practices, content planning, and growth over time.
We know the home builder industry, and our websites are designed to convert casual browsers into buyers.
Our custom home builder websites are designed around your needs to provide a unique experience. They are built in WordPress to allow for easier maintenance, updates, and portability.

More Information About Custom Home Builder Websites

Making decisions about the design and maintenance of your custom home builder website can be intimidating, and we want to make those decisions easier. Click here for more answers to some popular questions.

Examples of Our Best Custom Home Building Websites

View our Builder Websites below by clicking on the image to see a larger version or click on any Company Name below the photo to visit the full website.

Power Marketing would be happy to speak with you about your goals, business model, and marketing strategy. Contact us today and let us help your business thrive!

UI/UX and Design for Websites

That time when everyone was on the same page

Our design team knows how to create innovative websites. We are familiar with development best practices and modern web design techniques. More than that, we focus on achieving your communication goals with stellar design, instead of graphics without purpose. Our designers and developers are all in-house and move together to achieve your goals. We collaborate daily to push our skills further and we think it shows in the work we produce.

Do you want a partner that can collaborate with you, provide expert advice and push your vision further?

The discovery and design phase of a project represents the greatest opportunity to innovate and exceed expectations. You need a site envisioned and planned by UI/UX specialists and strategists, not an over-committed art major. You need the beginning phases of your website build to be nimble with a drive to outdo your competition.

A website that has it all

Just like most things in life, when form meets functionality (Code meets graphics) there is a cumulative effect that is greater than the sum of its parts. We want your site to load fast. We want it to work with security and reliability, and we want it to look amazing. Not decent, or pretty good – amazing.

Here is a deeper dive into our methodology:


When people say they did “research” online it often equates to cats falling off of desks or what would be more accurately described as “browsing”. When we do research, we look at an online strategy that is executed successfully, and formulate plans that are data-driven. Then, we bring creativity to this equation with clever visual communication and a plan for an intuitive user experience (UX).


A successful design phase is nimble and responsive to you and your goals. It is more practical to know what home you want to build than it is to rebuild a home over and over again until you arrive at the correct construction. The design phase of your project is the blueprint for your customer interface. The discussions we have and the changes we make during this phase of your project represent a small amount of your project budget but have huge implications on your online market penetration. Once we start to bring your project into focus, we will present prototypes and/or wireframes of your project to you and your team. Then when you are comfortable with the look of your project we will optimize all graphics so they load quickly and look great on all devices.

To a good designer and UX specialists, this is about more than designing websites. This is about mastering a craft and getting results for our clients.


The Facets of Home Builder Digital Marketing

Website Design

Mobile-friendly websites built to attract & convert

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Rank better organically in Google search

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Content Creation & Content Marketing

Keyword-rich content that nurtures & improves ranking organically

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Email Marketing & Newsletters

Personalized, targeted content that drives engagement

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Social Media Marketing

Increase your word-of-mouth

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PPC / Google Ads

Appear at the top of search results

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More Information About Custom Home Builder Websites

Making decisions about design and maintenance of your custom home builder website can be intimidating, and we want to make those decisions easier.

Click here for more answers to some popular questions.