Marketing for Builders: 5 Tips for 2020

Marketing for Builders: 5 Tips for 2020

January 18th, 2020

Marketing for Builders: 5 Tips for 2020

You’ve been working for a long time to establish your business. First, you had to learn the skills. Then, you had to perfect them. And now that your business is up and running, there’s only one thing left for you to get—customers.

And though it might be tempting to focus strictly on your craft, a lot more goes into a successful business than a great service or product. After all, a restaurant could serve the most delicious hamburgers in the world, but no one will buy them if they don’t know the restaurant exists.

This is where marketing comes in. A strategic marketing plan can translate into more sales, profits, and a successful business. But without it, you’re simply selling a delicious hamburger to nobody.

So, how do you spread the word about your expertise? Here are the essential points to consider regarding marketing for builders.

1. Build a Great Website

Most of your contact with potential customers will be through your business’ website. Most people will hop on Google to search for local builders when a need arises, and this website will be their introduction when they become interested in your company. Ensure your website comes up in these searches by optimizing your website for relevant searches. And once they find your website, you want to be sure it operates as smoothly as your business.

Keep all the relevant information easy to find and easily understood. This isn’t the time for artistic wordplay. Convey what you can do and why you’re the company a potential customer wants to do it. Eye-catching images and intuitive design will keep a visitor on your page longer. Compelling content in an easy-to-read format will convey your message and introduce your company.

First impressions are everything, and this is where you have your opportunity to solidify a positive reaction from potential clients.

Marketing for builders doesn’t have to be confusing. Visit the professionals at Power Marketing to ensure you’re reaching those needing your services.

2. Prove Your Experience

You don’t want any doubt in the potential customer’s mind that you can do the job quickly and properly. Do you have previously satisfied customers? Now’s the time to show them off.

Ask previous clients for testimonials about their satisfaction with your work. Display every quote prominently on your website. People are much more inclined to do business with someone they feel comes with strong recommendations. This is why review sites like Yelp are so popular.

Combine these testimonials with pictures of previous projects. Don’t be modest—this is where you want to tout your accomplishments.

3. Be the Authority

Building trust is a huge part of convincing someone to do business with you. And you are much more likely to have this trust if you are viewed as an authority in your particular industry. Marketing for builders doesn’t always mean going out to find your customers. Sometimes, you have to provide the infrastructure for them to find you.

Quality blog content, as well as informative website copy, is a great way for people to stumble across your website. Perhaps they’re searching for tips on building a patio and find a blog on your website relating to that topic. Before they know it, they’re looking through the rest of your website, which means they are more inclined to reach out for services.

4. Reach Out

A strong website is a great first step toward building your customer base. Putting content into the world is another way to cast a wider net. This can be done through social media posts, email campaigns, videos, radio spots, or anything else that your customers might organically come into contact with.

A well-rounded approach to marketing for builders is the best way to find every lead you can. These efforts tend to compound each other. Even if a person keeps searching after first coming into contact with your brand, repetitive exposure can convince them to dig a little deeper into your offerings.

5. Portray a Cohesive Brand Identity

Your company’s brand identity is how your customer thinks of you. They aren’t going to know every person behind the logo, so the logo itself becomes the ambassador to the public. Beyond that, how you portray your information solidifies the character and values of your company.

This needs to be not only persuasive but cohesive. Everything from an eye-catching logo to compelling website content and engaging email newsletters should be treated with proper attention, care, and intentionality.

Power Marketing has two decades of experience performing marketing for builders. Visit us today to see what we can do for you.