Content Is Crucial For Your Homebuilding Website (Part Four: Make The Search Engines Take Notice)

Content Is Crucial For Your Homebuilding Website (Part Four: Make The Search Engines Take Notice)

October 3rd, 2016


It’s vital Google and Bing crawl your website to ensure the content is relevant. When homebuyers enter a phrase such as “new home builders” or “affordable custom homes” you need to appear on the first page of results. If not, you’re losing out to your competitors.

Here’s how to make sure your website gets the exposure your homebuilding business deserves.

  • Keywords: You must utilize keywords homebuyers are searching for. Think like a buyer. What would you enter into Google if you were in the market for a new home? Don’t forget to add the name of your city or town along with your keywords!
  • “Behind” Your Website: The back end of your website isn’t visible to your audience, but is very important to the search engines. These “hidden” areas include meta titles for each page, alt text for photos, keyword created URLs and subheadings for your pages.
  • Links: Search engines reward internal links to relevant, additional content or pages. Review your content for internal linking opportunities directing visitors to other areas of your site. This provides homebuyers another chance to find the information they’re interested in while improving Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your site.
  • Fresh Content: Search engines crawl your site frequently looking for any changes. By adding fresh content, such as a weekly blog, Google and Bing will take notice, helping to improve your organic ranking.
  • Submit Your Site: When your website was created it should have been submitted to the search engines for indexing. If you’ve added fresh content, it’s a good idea to resubmit your site to Google and Bing, enabling them to index your relevant changes.

If you have any questions regarding our “Content Is Crucial For Your Homebuilding Website” series, whether it’s how to submit your website for indexing, how to inspire your audience into action or simply what keywords you should incorporate, don’t hesitate to give me a call. I can be reached at 301.416.7861 and will be happy to discuss how to improve your website content.