Featured Project: Advantage Homes eblast

Featured Project: Advantage Homes eblast

March 24th, 2013
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Brunswick Crossing eBlast for Single-Family Homes

Brunswick Crossing is an award-winning, planned community in Frederick County. The community is relatively young, but you wouldn’t guess that by looking at it. We could talk for hours about the community’s appeal — it’s a short distance from Frederick and Washington, D.C., has the kind of curb appeal that other communities in the area lack, plus there are a ton of amenities already in use (walking trails, tennis courts, community concerts, a new clubhouse under construction and much more).

Our long-time client and Brunswick Crossing builder Advantage Homes came to us seeking a builder marketing campaign to drive traffic to their single-family homes and townhomes in Brunswick Crossing and, ultimately, increase their sales. One piece of the overall campaign we proposed was an eBlast series targeting households throughout Germantown, Md., Gaithersburg, Md., and Frederick and Loudon counties. 

We created two different eBlasts — each with a separate message and audience. One focuses on single-family Brunswick Crossing homes and the other Brunswick Crossing townhomes. With the single-family homes, we wanted to capture the relaxing, vacation atmosphere offered at Brunswick Crossing by highlighting all there is to see and do there. Before we did any copywriting & editing or graphic design md, we did our research on current Advantage homebuyers at Brunswick Crossing. We noticed a high percentage of current townhome owners who rented before buying their home in Brunswick Crossing. So, for the townhomes eBlast, we created a message that prospective homebuyers should stop wasting their money on rent and start investing in life at Brunswick Crossing, where they’ll get a much greater bang for their buck.

power marketing, builder marketing, home builder marketing, brunswick crossing

Brunswick Crossing eBlast for Townhomes

Through imagery and descriptive copywriting, each eBlast focuses not on features included at Brunswick Crossing, but the endless opportunities and benefits homeowners will experience. Instead of a boring list of amenities, our copywriter set the scene by describing how homeowners can “cook like a Top Chef” in their gourmet kitchen or “host evenings of fun” with their open floor plan. This helps homeowners visualize themselves in an Advantage home at Brunswick Crossing.

We included images that captured the true craftsmanship and luxury design offered by Advantage, as well as images and headlines that played on the vacation theme. And, a direct link to a landing page features more details about the new homes and helps us track the number of visitors the eBlast generates.

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