How Can I Improve My Website? (Part Four: Don’t Be Eliminated By Cheap Photography)

How Can I Improve My Website? (Part Four: Don’t Be Eliminated By Cheap Photography)

July 26th, 2016

Here we are at Part Four, and I must admit, this tip alone can really make or break your website! If you’re just joining us you may want to check out the previous installments of the series—a quick review will bring up to speed with this week’s Tuesday Tip.

How Can I Improve My Website?

Understand Your Computer Screen
Clear A Path
Intuition Must Lead The Way

Ok, all caught up? Let’s dig into the importance of great photography.

Cheesy Pictures = Cheesy Company…At Least In The Mind Of The Prospect

The internet is predominantly a visually-driven information platform. Think about it for a second, what attracts your eye first? A colorful, stunning image or a huge block of text?

I always tell Power Marketing’s clients that good photographs don’t sell—but great pictures do! Remember, your potential clients are going to either eliminate you or continue to investigate your offerings based on the overall presentation of your website. If your website isn’t visually and graphically appealing, subconsciously your audience is going to relate those same negative emotions to your product. This may not seem very fair, but trust me, it’s a real reaction.

There are two types of photos you must incorporate into your website. The most important is what the industry calls the money shot. These are breath taking, professional images that will leave a positive impact, so stunning they simply can’t be ignored. Most websites will utilize at least three to five of these pictures, and your home page absolutely must contain the best of the best!

From there, as your audience travels through your website, they should experience a variety of other pleasing images that reinforce your company as someone they can visualize as doing business with.

Does your homebuilding website offer a selection of “money shots” throughout the site? Would you like me to give your website a personal review? Power Marketing offers a free, no obligation, 30 minute website consultation. I’ll be happy to tour your homebuilding website with you, pointing out what’s working and where you can make improvements. As always, feel free to call me directly at 301.416.7861.

Next week, we’ll move onto the importance of adding capture opportunities to your homebuilding website.