Your Marketing Questions Answered—PPC & SEO

Your Marketing Questions Answered—PPC & SEO

June 6th, 2016


Marketing—and everything that goes along with it—is our passion! Whether it’s creating homebuilder websites or showing clients how to best use marketing automation, and everything in between, we take what we do seriously. As home marketing experts you can imagine the Power Marketing team receives a lot of questions.  Anytime there’s an opportunity for us to demystify the intricate details of your marketing strategies, we’re more than happy to oblige!

This week, we received a question regarding Pay-Per-Click Vs. SEO, and we think you’ll consider the answer pretty helpful.

Q: My homebuilding company has been running PPC ads on Google for over a year now. It definitely works, as our sales team is receiving a considerable amount of leads. My concern, however, is that when I perform a Google search for new homes in my area, my homebuilding business doesn’t appear until the third page of results. How is that possible?

A: Hello, and first off, let me congratulate you on your Pay-Per-Click success. It’s a good feeling when you realize your marketing budget is producing results. On the other hand, not appearing on page one of search engine results is something you need to address right away. Google is the modern day equivalent to the phone book, but businesses and services aren’t conveniently listed alphabetically. Instead, search engines rely on a very detailed algorithm to best match user queries with the most accurate, popular, recent, and relevant results.

That being said, it appears your website isn’t viewed as being as relevant as local competitors. Sadly, if you’re site isn’t being found on at least the second page of search results (ideally the first page), it’s almost as if you don’t exist. If this is the case your website requires a solid, ongoing dose of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Think of it as Pay-Per-Click without having to pay outright for placement…sort of. Bear in mind, proper SEO takes time—the benefits, however, are well worth it!

Trent Semler Power Marketing Infusionsoft Certified ConsultantThere’s plenty of information, articles and resources available to really explain the nuances of SEO. If you’d like to learn more about Power Marketing’s SEO services, feel free to call me for a free 30 Minute telephone consultation. I can be reached at 301.416.7861!

Trent Semler
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