Why Your Marketing Company Should Do More Than Just Web Design

Why Your Marketing Company Should Do More Than Just Web Design

September 23rd, 2014

The company you hire to manage your Internet marketing should be a comprehensive, strategic marketing machine — not a one-size-fits-all vehicle that regurgitates the same boring website template, with little to no regard for impact or results, for every business in every industry. Not all businesses have the same goals or offer the same products and services, so it’s ridiculous for your advertising agency not to tailor your strategies to your industry and needs. A reliable, results-driven marketing company takes the time to understand your industry as well, if not better, than their own.

A marketing firm cannot produce results-oriented marketing for your company if they don’t first understand your business or the industry. Just because someone can build a responsive web design, a landing page or manage social media should not offset their lack of marketing knowledge of the industry. Hire the agency that understands marketing first, and also possesses the digital skills. These are the companies that not only stay up to date with marketing news and trends but also are at the top of the game in the marketing world.

It’s like what Seth Godin says in his book, “Meatball Sundae: Is Your Marketing Out of Sync?” You can add as many toppings — blogs, snazzy website features, social media —as you want. If you start with ice cream as your base, adding these toppings make it taste great. But, if you start with a bowl of meatballs, you’re not going to like what you eat. If your marketing company only has the toppings and no sound foundation of best marketing practices, you’re not going to like the results (or lack thereof) they produce.

Don’t misinterpret digital experiences with digital experience. There are many “gurus” who make lots of claims of building this website or orchestrating that campaign, but truly lack any depth in their real experience. True experience comes with years of results, not more people. Think of it this way: 15 kindergartners will never equal one intelligent adult in terms of experience. So, why would a team of 50 with an average of 2 years experience per person trump a 10-person team with decades or more? It won’t!

Beware the IT specialist! The Internet is a marketing domain — not an IT domain. People from IT backgrounds rarely possess marketing insights to deliver results; websites maybe but not likely. An experienced, qualified marketing team will always consider your audience, your product and your objectives first. The solutions they offer may be Internet marketing, brand improvements or a new website, but the goal will almost always be the same: improved sales.

Here are a few things to look for when hiring your marketing company:

  • They know your customer, your business and your industry. A good marketing company stays abreast of industry trends (in both theirs and yours!), the challenges your business faces, what your competition is up to, what separates you from them (your USP) and what strategies will deliver the best results for you. They take the time to listen, do their research and think critically — they don’t just apply a Band-Aid on the wounds or treat the symptoms. They treat the underlying issues affecting your business with marketing strategies that work.
  • They practice what they preach. Why would you listen to a company tout the effectiveness of blogging for SEO results when their blog hasn’t been updated in years? Research the company’s website and social media. The services they wax poetic about are the same services they should be implementing daily within their own company. If they’re not doing it and are telling you to, run away fast!
  • They have an impressive track record. They have examples of past results they’ve achieved, and they share them with you. From case studies to client testimonials, they are transparent with concrete numbers and specific examples of how they coordinated successful marketing campaigns.
  • Their only goal is results! What’s the point of having a “pretty” website if it doesn’t generate traffic? A good marketing company knows a campaign is only as good as the results it delivers. They’ll measure, track and report your progress. If something isn’t working, they’ll make suggestions and changes. They want your business to succeed, and they’ll do what they need to get you there.

At Power Marketing, we’ve learned quite a bit in our 21-plus years. From creating a full-blown marketing strategy to working out your company’s unique selling proposition (USP), our team can help you lay the strong foundation necessary before moving into creative and Internet answers. We take the time to learn your industry, your needs and develop the best marketing solutions for you. Call our sales team at 301-416-7861 or click here to find out how we can create a marketing strategy for your company.