Ask the Expert II: Maryland Marketing Q&A with Brian Flook

Ask the Expert II: Maryland Marketing Q&A with Brian Flook

June 14th, 2014

Brian FlookMarketing is one of the most important investments for any business. This reoccurring marketing series features frequently asked questions and concerns business owners have about their marketing efforts, answered by Power Marketing President/Owner Brian Flook. This week, we asked Brian his thoughts on brand vs. logo and the value of a USP.

Q: What’s the difference between a brand and a logo?
A: The concept of ‘brand’ is often overrated and misunderstood. A brand is a promise delivered! That promise is expressed in many ways: customer service, website, great product, value, price, phone manners, website usability, etc. In order to create a powerful brand, a business must attempt to affect as many touch-points as possible.

Marketing firms in Maryland know great marketing always comes down to this: Understand your audience, and in a compelling way, communicate what your company does that is unique and better than the other choices they have.

Brand loyalty is a gift given to a company from its customers when that business proves, beyond any doubt, that they are worthy of the customer’s trust. This usually occurs when the company’s value, performance, credibility and consistency have risen above the competition. At that point, the company becomes the proud owner of that which only customers can give and take away — brand recognition.

Q: Why is a clear USP so important to any business’ marketing efforts?
A: Your ability to set your organization apart from the competition is critical to successful marketing. The best way to set your business apart is to be different from everyone else in at least one very important way. That way is called your unique selling proposition (USP). Businesses that try to be everything to everyone will struggle while those who have focus will find greater success.

This is the second in a series of Q&As with Brian Flook. To see other posts, click here. If you have a Maryland marketing question you’d like answered feel free to email Brian directly!