Why Your Business Needs a Mobile Marketing Strategy

Why Your Business Needs a Mobile Marketing Strategy

March 11th, 2014

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Think your business can do without a mobile marketing strategy? Think again. As mobile devices become more common among consumers, these platforms increasingly serve as channels through which purchases and conversions are made. According to Search Engine Land, nine out of 10 search queries performed on mobile devices led to a subsequent action, including phone calls, visits to websites, and other activities. An astonishing 50 percent of those actions involved a purchase.

Mobile marketing gives businesses a shot at claiming a larger share of the mobile commerce pie, and every day lost is potential earnings and customers flushed down the drain. Here are four tips to help your business establish the framework for an effective mobile marketing strategy.

Get Mobile-Friendly. Now.

Most websites aren’t built for the smaller screens of smartphones and tablets, thus creating the need for mobile sites. If your business doesn’t already have a mobile website to cater to increasing mobile traffic, this is the first and most important step you will take. As FastCompany notes, smartphone traffic has increased by 125 percent during the last few years, more than 10 times the growth of desktop traffic over the same period of time. Consumers won’t waste their time trying to navigate a traditional website on their mobile phone, so a clean, easy-to-use website is a must.

Establish a Mobile Advertising Budget

Once you have a mobile-optimized website, you’ll want to drive mobile traffic. This means investing in a mobile advertising budget. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be a costly process. Given the slow usage rate growth of desktop computers, it might be easiest and most cost-effective to take some of your traditional Web ad budget and dedicate it to mobile ads. As Mashable points out, the key to mobile advertising is to make sure ad content is simple and direct. Text-heavy campaigns aren’t as effective on this platform. As the results come in and the value of mobile ads is confirmed for your business, you can increase your budget.

Embrace Digital Coupons

Mobile devices have become convenient sources for coupons. Consumers frequently use their devices to search for a given retailer’s online coupons. Most emailed coupons and other offers are compatible with common smartphone carriers like T-Mobile. Mobile marketers should be aware of this consumer habit and take advantage of their own coupons and offers that can be hosted on their mobile websites, distributed on social media, and even sent through mobile-optimized emails. These coupons and other promotions will help your company drive business and better engage mobile consumers.

Explore the Creation of a Mobile App

Mobile apps aren’t right for every business, but they can be a gold mine for some. Apps offer better development options and an improved user experience over anything you might be displaying through a mobile browser. If a large chunk of your Web traffic comprises repeat visitors, those consumers might enjoy the convenience of a mobile app over a mobile website. But mobile apps are costly endeavors, and they shouldn’t be taken lightly. Take time and conduct market research to decide whether a mobile app is for you. But don’t delay in taking these exploratory steps. If you haven’t yet considered a mobile app for your business, you’re already well behind the curve.

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