Featured Website: Spichers Security Services

Featured Website: Spichers Security Services

March 17th, 2014

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If you live or work in the tristate area, you’ve likely heard the name Spichers. Since 1955, the family-owned and operated business has sold discount appliances, electronics and more throughout Hagerstown, Md., Chambersburg, Pa., Winchester, Va., and the surrounding areas. The company recently branched out and began offering top-of-the-line security systems to protect their customers’ homes and businesses. They contacted Power Marketing to create a compelling web design for the new division, Spichers Security Services.

The Challenge
Spichers wanted an informational website that explains what Spichers Security is all about. Showcasing the Spichers namesake’s reputation for excellence in the marketplace was key. It was our goal to highlight these three competitive advantages Spichers has over other stores: superior service that’s been passed down among generations, experience that covers a wide scope of capabilities, and the most advanced technologies and products on the market.

The new website had to have great visual appeal and a minimalist design, but more than anything it had to deliver a very clear, definitive call to action — request a quote or consultation with Spichers, or call Spichers directly for state-of-the-art security solutions.

The Results
Our web design team gave Spichers Security’s website a clean, fresh and professional commercial look. We implemented an easy site navigation that directs visitors to either get a quote by phone or by filling out an online contact form. “The client really did their homework, so it made my job much easier!” User Experience Designer Johanne Courtright says.

Chris Danzberger, security consultant for Spichers Security, had this to say about the new web design:

“Power Marketing was able to take our ideas for a website and make it a reality. The design was exactly what we wanted. Security is a new service offered by Spichers Appliances. The clean design clearly identifies our services and easily convinces customers to call us to get their security needs.”

Click the image above to see the new website.

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