We do live in an online marketing world, however customized print design is still a productive marketing investment, especially for homebuilders. Quality print design is imperative for homebuilders in order to provide not only take away material for your homebuyers, but also to directly target the qualified prospects you require.

Direct mail campaigns, beautifully designed postcards—even customized advertising placed in the right publications—can help homebuilders attract new homebuyers affordably. Since 1992, Power Marketing has developed several dozen customized postcards and mailers, even winning multiple awards for our print design work.

In order to have a successful homebuyer direct mail campaign, breath taking print design must work in tandem with an accurate mailing list, and Power Marketing can help with that as well! We will help you choose the specific marketing criteria designed to yield the best results for your direct mail piece. We have the ability to provide you with addresses for the exact homebuyer your homebuilding business requires, including exact demographics, income level, and sincere interest when it comes to purchasing a new home.

Power Marketing also specializes in taking your customized print design and incorporating “A/B” split testing, helping you track which campaign generates the most positive results. This analytical data empowers your homebuilding company to properly invest in print design marketing most likely to yield the prospects your homebuilding business demands.

We are ready to help you create a successful print design campaign. Whether your homebuilding company requires brochures, signage, business cards—even car wraps—you owe it to your business to receive the best possible design work available.