Home Builder Email Marketing: Effective or Annoying?
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Home Builder Email Marketing: Effective or Annoying?

June 17th, 2020


Is Email Marketing Still Effective?

Email has been a major way people have used the internet since the beginning. The ease of sending and receiving messages has kept the practice around even though almost every other aspect of the internet has changed. Most people check their emails at least once every day. And many people check their email multiple times throughout the day.

This has led many companies to use this habit by targeting people’s email inboxes for marketing communications. This practice has existed for a long time, but is it still relevant? Pop-up ads were used with extreme frequency in early iterations of internet usage, but they have been scaled back because many users found them annoying.

Is the same true for email marketing?


Many thought social media would spell the end for email marketing. People changed how they used their email accounts because they could now share messages, articles, and pictures through social media.

However, these predictions were incorrect. Email marketing continues to be an excellent means of directly communicating with potential customers. Customer retention, notification of promotions, and consumer follow-up are just a few ways email marketing can benefit home builders.

What Makes A Successful Home Builder Email Marketing Campaign

Not every email marketing message will convert the recipient into a customer. Effective and ineffective marketing messages are directly related to the content sent out. Does your message contain relevant information that your potential customer can use?

There are many reasons a person signs up for a mailing list. Aligning your messages to address these reasons will create a connection with the recipient that can likely translate into — at the very least — a visit to your website.

The heart of a successful campaign can be summed up in a sentence: Create quality content on subjects that interest your customers.

How to Build a List

This leads us to the methods you can use to create a mailing list. Compiling contact information for your customers can have many positive effects. However, not all mailing lists will yield the same results. You want to be sure the people receiving your messages are not only interested in the content but also have the potential to use your services.

Create a newsletter with helpful information about your industry and promote it on social media.

Offer what’s known as a lead magnet. These items, such as ebooks or PDFs, are offered after the recipient inputs some information, such as their email address. They receive the information, and you have another interested party on your mailing list.

Include CTAs at the end of your blogs and sporadically throughout your website, inviting visitors to stay updated on your offerings.

Tips for Home Builder Email Marketing

Get to the Point

Emails are generally skimmed for important information. This isn’t the time to be verbose. Keep your copy between 50 and 125 words. Include a link to your website to flesh out the subject if you feel it needs further explanation.

Incorporate Multimedia

Pictures and videos engage readers much more than simple blocks of text. Not only does it attract readers to your message, but it also helps them spend more time on it. And the longer a reader spends with your message, the more likely they will click on the CTA at the end.

Engage With New Information

Your emails should have a particular subject that they address. And that subject needs to be of interest to your readers. This could be something such as a notification of a new service or the location of your business. Still, it could also explain an aspect of the industry they might not have previously known.

Personalize the Messages

There are numerous reasons for a person to sign up for a mailing list. You want to be sure to address these specific reasons. You can create a quick questionnaire after someone signs up to discover their interests. A multiple-choice form with a few options can separate these customers into overarching groups. Incorporate messages directly targeting these groups to keep them engaged.

Content Emails Solidify Authority

Are you creating blog content for your website? If so, you are likely addressing various aspects of the homebuilder industry. This content can be beneficial to your customers. And it can also be useful to your company because it helps your customers view you as an authority in the industry. Create emails that accompany your blogs so they know when you post more information for them to read.

Always Include CTA

The goal is to get the reader to visit your website. Include a call to action in every message that creates urgency and directs them back to your website. A CTA combined with applicable and interesting content will raise your engagement rates with your customers and possibly increase sales.

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