Top Ten Reasons You Must PROPERLY Market Your Business

Authored by Power Marketing

Top Ten Reasons You Must PROPERLY Market Your Business

  #10. Proper Marketing Leads To Your Business’ Credibility Promotion is imperative to the validity and trustworthiness of your product or service. #9. Strategic Marketing Allows You To Target Your Ideal Audience Marketing enables you to strategically focus on the ...

Find That Niche That Only You Can Scratch

The Internet has certainly changed nearly everything we ever knew about marketing … but not everything. Today I want to talk about something that many of you already know, but few actually practice: The art of carving out a market ...

9 years ago

Power Marketing Celebrates ThompsonGas’ Retail Grand Opening

With more than 300 visitors, the ThompsonGas retail showroom grand opening on Saturday, Sept. 29 was a huge success! We joined our friends at ThompsonGas to help plan the event and participate in the day’s festivities. The celebration featured a ...