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How Can I Improve My Website? (Part Five: Capture Those Leads!)

Hello again and welcome back to our detailed series “How Can I Improve My Website?”—A handy seven-step approach to ensuring your online home is ready to convert passive lookers into excited clients. If you’re just joining us, welcome! This week ...

A Very Special Free Invitation

My tip this week is a bit different! I hear regularly that many of you enjoy reading our very brief tips. This week I want to invite you to attend a limited seating, one-hour presentation highlighting the incredible power of ...

How To Resonate With Your Email List Using Customer Segmentation

Republished from Infusionsoft Blog May 20, 2016 Dear <name>, Remember my awesome product? It’s still for sale. Click here to buy! How many of these emails do you receive every week? OK, now think about how many of those bland ...

Marketing Blunders Part Ten: Failure To Automate

Welcome back to the last in our ten part series. This week we’re going to discuss marketing automation and how, as a homebuilder, if you’re utilizing this service you’re making a costly mistake.

Marketing Blunders Part Three: Sluggish Follow-Up

Hopefully you’ve been finding our ongoing series “The Top Ten Marketing Blunders” useful! This time, Dear Homebuilder, we’re going to talk about the importance of following up with your home buying leads…you are following up, right?

Marketing Blunders Part Two: Not Tracking & Measuring Results

Hey all! Thanks for returning to our ongoing series “The Top Ten Marketing Blunders” home builders commonly make. This week we’re going to discuss how big a mistake it is to not track and measure your builder marketing results. Ready?

How To Warm Up A Cold Email List

by Infusionsoft blogger Sarah Connolly. Regularity is an extremely important aspect of your email marketing program. Once you establish a relationship, (aka permission to send email to a recipient), it’s imperative to maintain consistent communication over the subscribers’ lifetime. This will help ...

Another Step To Help You Get The Most From Your Leads

Say “Hello” to Power Marketing’s Trent Semler. He’s got a great smile, don’t you think? Want to know why he’s grinning like the cat that caught the canary?

4 Cutting Edge Marketing Strategies To Ignite Your Sales

There is an increasing overlap between what we call marketing and traditional sales. The change in how buyers shop – online searches, browsing your website, talking to one another (i.e. with your current residents and other prospects) on social channels ...

How To Find The Right Content Marketer For Your Small Business

Reposted From InfusionSoft Sr. Content Strategy Manager Tracie Rollins. Let’s be honest: As a small business owner, you have it rough when it comes to finding the right content marketer to provide valuable content that drives buyers to purchase your ...