The Ramp Rack

The Ramp Rack

Ramp Rack is an all-in-one truck-loading ramp system designed by a former landscaper. The insert enhances the usable space of your truck bed and allows users to haul vehicles or equipment without a trailer. They offer a variety of products and accessories primarily for the landscaping industry.

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    What started as a great idea that fit the unique needs of the landscaping industry quickly grew into an entire business of its own. Ramp Rack needed a reliable partner to help manage their eCommerce website, including their dealer information as they continued to grow, increase sales with a more effective solution, and help manage their CRM.



    Power Marketing started by building a solid foundation. We optimized the website for a better user experience. All product pages were redesigned to increase sales and grow the average order. The website initially only ranked for some branded terms, so SEO was implemented, as was content writing, including additional resource pages, blogs, and individual dealer pages. We also help streamline their Hubspot CRM and sales enablement through their online engagement of consumers.


    Total website sales for the 1st year increased by 2,916% and were up an additional 159% in the 2nd full year.

    Organic Monthly Traffic started at 1,082 and topped out at 6,072, an increase of 461%

    Keywords in the top 3 positions grew 182% and on page 1 by 1,066%. While overall keywords increased by 480%.

    Domain authority increased by 300%. At the same time, backlinks went up 3,838%.

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