Outlast Products

Outlast Products

Outlast specializes in wood treatment products specifically designed to protect and preserve your log home, deck, fencing, and exterior wood siding. Their product line includes Q8 Log Oil, NBS 30 insect repellent, and Kleenstart wood cleaner.

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    Outlast Products had a limited online presence. Their name recognition was minimal.



    Power Marketing instituted a long-term plan to combine Google Ads/Pay-Per-Click, search engine optimization, directory management, and constant upgrading of the website function.


    When the process started, Outlast Products had 10 SEO visitors per month and 23 words ranking on Google. As of March 2022, the website had 3,722 (+37,228% visitors per month and was ranking for 2,410 keywords (+10,238%). Also, the constant upgrading of the website has them ranked in the top 10% of websites in Google’s Site Health metric. Currently, Outlast Products has 106 non-branded keywords on the first page of Google after starting with none in 2019.

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