Podcasts helping Home Builders Sell more with the use of Home Builder Digital Marketing Solutions5 Steps to Referral Sales Success

Welcome to episode 110 of Selling More Homes: The Monday Morning Meeting. This Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast features an informative discussion between Jerry Rouleau, Scott Stroud, and guest Beverly Koehn, an author and sales expert.

Referral sales are the lifeblood of every successful salesperson. And there are a few tricks and tips that can be utilized to make the most of these opportunities.

Ms. Koehn discusses her book “Loyalty is Love: How to Hold Clients Close for Life” with Jerry and Scott. They discuss navigating the tricky considerations of referrals and how to create great relationships with customers.

Sit back and enjoy the informative discussion on how to get the most from your sales referrals.

Click here to listen to Episode 110 of Selling More Homes: The Monday Morning Meeting on 5 Steps to Referral Sales Success.

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