New Home Builder Marketing Tips
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New Home Builder Marketing Tips

May 13th, 2020

Marketing Strategies For Home Builders

New Home Builders and businesses have a steep hill to climb to get their head above their competition. Some established businesses already have name recognition and established clients to spread their name around town. But just because there are some initial web design and digital marketing solutions to figure out, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible for a New Home Builder to break into their market.

There are a few actions a Homebuilder can take to set themselves apart from their competition. Therefore, New home builder marketing is important. You need to connect with your potential customers in a meaningful and intentional way. Here are some tips that will give you the best chance of securing some lucrative leads.

Marketing Tips for Home Builders:

  • Create a Custom Website built for Home Builders
  • Design a Rememberable Brand to Reflect Trust
  • Target for New Home Sales Traffic
  • Create 3D Renderings and Interactive Floor Plans
  • Offer Virtual Tours on Your Home Builder Website
  • Provide Case Studies & Content Writing for Builders
  • Social Media Marketing for New Home Builders

Create A Custom Website for Home Builders

The ultimate goal of a new home builder marketing plan is to create new leads and secure new business opportunities. Digital Marketing creates the interest and either a salesperson or your website will convert the lead into a sale. And because many of these leads will be created online, your website becomes an incredibly useful tool to capitalize on your home building marketing solutions and strategies. Power Marketing provides specialized and beautiful web design, along with content writing for builders. We know the home building business just as much as we know the web design business.

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Design a Rememberable Brand To Reflect Trust

All of the communications with your potential customers needs to contain a consistent Homebuilder Brand. This includes tone, presentation, and imagery. And if you are successful at keeping all of these consistent, your General Contractor Logo and Brand will shine through to your potential customers. Your brand identity and logo is how your customers will come to know your business. It will dictate how you conduct your business and can be an incredibly useful tool in communicating with the public. Make sure it’s consistent throughout your entire website as well as any piece of content you produce, it will build trust with your audience.


Target For New Home Sales Traffic

Search engine optimization helps you target the interests of your customer base and increase New Home Sales. You want to be the listing that shows up when they search anything near your industry that is applicable to your services. Likewise, you can place specified ads towards searches and areas that show promise in being interested in what you have to offer. New home builder marketing can be made much easier, and affordable, by scaling your efforts to target only those who have a much better chance at becoming home builder leads and eventually reliable customers.

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Create 3D Renderings And Interactive Floor Plans

Showing your potential to possible customers can be difficult. Two dimensional drawings can give extreme detail to architects and builders, but the layman won’t be able to fully grasp what they are looking at. Three dimensional renderings and interactive floor plans of new construction gives potential customers a much better idea of your capabilities as a home builder. And the more they can understand about your services, the more likely they are to be confident in your abilities.


Offer Virtual Tours On Your HomeBuilder Website

This is another way to prove your worth to your customers. Virtual tours allow potential customers to explore a home without stepping foot inside. Imagine two listings for an open property. One of them has pictures of every room from multiple angles and the other simply has a picture of the house from the side of the road. Which one are you more likely to be interested in? This idea is taken one step further with virtual tours. It clears any doubt from the customer’s mind and shows them what the property has to offer.

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Provide Case Studies & Content Writing for Builders

Content writing for builders should provide reliable reviews and case studies. Previous customers are an effective tool to tout your abilities. You can have all the best new home builder marketing tactics to attract new leads, but a poor final product will sink your chances of landing a new home building client. These are very large decisions for people so they want to be secure in their choices. They need to trust the home builder. And a strong digital marketing plan with reliable recommendations from someone who was once in their shoes is a quick way to avoid any hesitation on their part.


Social Media Marketing for New Home Builders

Almost everybody is on social media. Your business should be, too. This is a great way to get the word out about your services, special promotions, or even just your company’s name or general contractor logo. You have the opportunity to communicate directly with potential leads and show them exactly why you are the best choice to provide your services. Post links of content hosted on your website. This gets them one step closer to seeing everything you have to offer.

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