The Importance of a Quality Home Builder Logo
McDonalds yellow arches sign on the side of white stucco building

The Importance of a Quality Home Builder Logo

April 13th, 2020

Your Home Builder Logo is the First Step to Success

Why Your Home Builder Business Needs A Strong Logo & Brand

Home building businesses establishing a strong home builder logo and brand is a lot to manage. Getting a Website and Logo off the ground is almost as difficult as putting up the foundation of a new building. You’ve been refining you home building skills for years — but have you been refining your logo and company brand at the same time?

Quality work is the number one aspect that will make or break your home builder’s brand and logo design. A slick marketing campaign isn’t going to make up for a subpar logo and brand. But at the same time, great work won’t get noticed if people don’t know about your company.

Here are a few reasons why Home Builders need to create an awesome logo and a rememberable online brand for their digital marketing.

  1. Build Brand Identity & Digital Marketing
  2. Create A Home Builder Logo For People To Take Notice
  3. Let Your Logo Be The Face Of Your Home Building Company
  4. A Home Builder’s Logo Builds Loyalty
  5. A Logo Sets You Apart from other Home Builders
  6. Your Logo and Brand Help People Remember Your Home Builder Business

1. Build Brand Identity & Digital Marketing for Builders

The very first step, before any commercials or inbound marketing or anything else, is to let a qualified homebuilder brand agency figure out your brand identity. Your logo and brand is the lifeblood of your business. It consists of your values, motivations, and the reasoning behind the decisions you make.

And the most notable aspect of your brand identity is your custom home builder logo. Your logo is the symbol or design that is used to represent your company. We’re all familiar with the golden arches of McDonald’s and the Nike swoosh. These logos have become synonymous with the companies themselves and are used in marketing, merchandise, and signage.

A quality home builder logo represents your company in a number of ways.

Branding and Logos needed for digital marketing for builders

Outstanding Logos are created to build interest

2. Create A Home Builder Logo For People To Take Notice

A quality logo will make your home builder marketing stand out. Imagine walking down the road and past two companies. The sign for the first business simply has their name written on a black and white sign. The second business has an eye-catching logo that represents their industry as well as their business. Both businesses might offer similar services, but chances are you’re going to visit the one with the great logo.

But why? Because a logo is representative of the company’s brand. And a company that takes the time to put together a quality logo is probably more likely to provide quality work.

The fact that a logo catches people’s attention also means that it’s probably their first interaction with your business. And as well all know, you only get one opportunity to make a good first impression. An attractive and engaging home builder logo puts the potential customer in a more welcoming mindset. It sets them up to begin trusting you as it also builds interest.

It’s important to find ways to convince potential customers to look further into your business. This is where they have the opportunity to see the great work you’ve put out in the past.

McDonald's Logo Makes People Remember the Company and is a great tool to use in Builder Websites

People Take Notice of Logos when their is Strong and Consistent Branding


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3. Let Your Logo Be the Face Of  Your Home Building Company

We’ve discussed how your company’s brand embodies the internal workings of the business. People want to understand this. They want to know not only who they’re dealing with, but why the business operates in the way that it does. Your home builder logo acts as the smiling face that greets them as they enter your shop. The only difference is that it provides this capability before they come anywhere near your company.

A well-constructed homebuilder logo, by an experienced branding agency, puts a welcoming face on your company’s brand and marketing efforts.

passion led us to home building

Let Your Logo Mirror Your Passion in Home Building

4. A Home Builder’s Logo Builds Loyalty

Looking at the most popular and successful logos shows how they inspire people to come back. Nike, for instance, doesn’t need to do more than put the swoosh on the front of a t-shirt. People will buy them. And when it comes to home building, this kind of loyalty can be infectious.

People are quick to give out recommendations for the home builder industry. And the best way to get recommendations is to first provide excellent work, but also to remain in your customer’s mind with the use of a well designed and crafted home builder logo.

Create an introduction and loyalty

Create an introduction and loyalty with your logo and company brand

5. A Logo Sets You Apart from other Home Builders

Someone on the outside of the industry might not be able to tell one home builder company from the next before they dig into it. This is the same for restaurants, clothing companies, and every other industry. How do you set yourself apart from the group when the potential customer has no pre-existing knowledge of the market?

Your home builder logo will make people take notice, and lead them toward understanding what your company is all about.

People looking at an interesting website

People take notice of well created logos

6. Your Logo and Brand Help People Remember Your Home Builder Business

People forget names. They forget phrases. But they remember images. So you want to be sure they’re remembering something that not only represents your company in the best way possible, but also inspires the customer to reach out when they are in need of your services. So you just have to ask yourself — what do you want people to remember about your company?

Logo and brand for home builders help people remember you home building company and website

Make People Remember Your Home Building Business and Website with a Strong Logo and Brand

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