How Builder Lead Management Translates Into New Home Sales
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How Builder Lead Management Translates Into New Home Sales

February 24th, 2020

Home Builder Lead Management

Many people think the most challenging part of new home sales is the construction. Laying the foundation, putting up walls, and installing windows certainly is difficult. If it weren’t there, homes wouldn’t be more expensive than cars. But the steps leading up to the construction are where a business makes money.

Builders and Contractors need to be able to stand behind their work. Anything less than quality work will be unacceptable to the customer. But a home builder without proper lead management won’t get the opportunity to close new home sales. And construction won’t happen without a deal.

A lot of builders don’t focus on lead management despite its importance. This could be due to many factors—they don’t have the proper software, they don’t have relevant experience, or maybe leads fall through the cracks simply because it’s challenging to keep track of them.

But builder lead management is no longer essential just because it’s complicated. The good news is that there’s help for builders who don’t have time to manage their leads or don’t have a sound system.

Here’s how proper lead management can lead to new home sales.

What is Lead Management?

Let’s start with the basics. Lead management consists of various methods and systems a business can use to generate and track new potential opportunities. It encompasses many different aspects as a potential customer moves through the phases, from being unaware of your service to completing a transaction.

This system is vital for many reasons. The most apparent is that it helps generate sales. And as any business understands, sales are what keep the doors open. Focusing on the product and service is excellent, but there needs to be a sale before you get to that point.

Builder lead management will also help businesses see how their customers’ trends evolve. A successful marketing push this year might not work as well next year. This is why it is essential to have up-to-date information about how your customers interact with your business.

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Discovery of the Target Market

Your first introduction to a potential customer is critical. Potential customers can find your company in many ways, and they will all have different outcomes. The goal is to figure out what will interest a potential customer. What sets you apart from the competition? What convinces them to spend extra time researching your company and clicking further into your website?

These answers can be the keys to generating new leads. And new leads can turn into new home sales. The trick is to know what your visitors are looking for and to give it to them.

The truth is that most people who visit your website won’t buy anything. And that’s okay. However, finding any way to improve this conversion rate can drastically affect how much engagement you receive online and how many real-life new home sales this can generate.

Easy LeadLocker for Lead Management

Power Marketing proudly offers Easy LeadLocker to help with builder lead management. Easy LeadLocker is a customer relationship management (CRM) program designed specifically for builders.

LeadLocker Solutions for Easy Home Builder Lead Management

LeadLocker for Managing Home Builder Leads

Power Marketing has over three (3) decades of experience with all forms of marketing, like SEO, PPC, and website design, but we also have 30+ years of working with builders. This means we understand the industry. More importantly, we know the customer base.

Easy LeadLocker is a marketing automation platform—once set up, it works independently. It helps reduce the amount of lost leads by automatically delivering applicable information customized to their needs. And a customer who quickly receives customized information is more likely to remain engaged.

A reduction in lost leads drives new home sales.

Turning Home Builder Leads Into New Home Sales

Easy LeadLocker assists the customer in moving from the initial introduction through the buyer’s journey. Capturing their attention is huge, but so is continued engagement. This can take many different forms, which increases the likelihood of success.

Simply attaching Easy LeadLocker to your website allows it to hone in on capturing these leads. It also automates your email campaigns, sales pipeline, and downloadable lead magnets like an ebook or video.

Builder lead management has never been more streamlined. This system helps turn prospects into paying customers and is incredibly user-friendly.

Power Marketing understands builders because we’ve been working with them for decades. And we know how to make builder lead management generate new home sales. Easy LeadLocker can help your prospect-to-sales ratio grow by up to 300%.

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