The Basics of Digital Marketing for Builders

The Basics of Digital Marketing for Builders

December 23rd, 2019

Marketing is important. It doesn’t matter how great your projects are if nobody knows about your services. Word-of-mouth is undoubtedly valuable, but your company needs to get its name out there and engage customers. This direct engagement is the best way to draw up business. Setting yourself apart from your competition, announcing your successes and offers, communicating your expertise—these are all huge benefits of a proper marketing campaign.

And what better way to reach your customers than through the internet? Digital marketing can make a large impact on builders in how they portray themselves to potential customers. It can also have a large impact on how those customers interact with your brand. Do you have knowledgeable authority in your industry? Are you trustworthy? Do you provide quality work? These are all questions your customers ask when they’re looking to do business with a builder.

Here’s what you need to know about digital marketing for builders.

Identify Your Audience

Realistically, there is a small percentage of people in the general public who are in need of the services of a home builder. You want to tailor your marketing strategy to directly address this small percentage of people. Simply having a popular marketing campaign is useless if it doesn’t generate revenue. This is why you need to take the time to imagine your target audience.

How might they come across your website or ads? How will they interact with your material when this happens? What type of tone and verbiage will most appeal to these potential customers? Questions like this will help you put together a general idea of who your customer is which is known as the buyer persona.

Market research and analysis of your current customers will give you the best insight into your potential customers. This information helps you develop content that will engage people that are looking for your services. And once you have the interest of potential customers, your chances of converting them rise.

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Use Social Media

What was once used mostly by high school and college students has spread to almost every demographic in society. 79% of people in the US had a social media profile in 2019. This includes everyone from students, to parents, to the elderly. And you can be guaranteed that within that range of users, there are people in need of a home builder.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram have millions of users. These can be great ways to connect with people actively searching for the services your company provides. Post pictures of recent projects on Instagram. Make how-to videos and upload them to Youtube. Link all of these into Facebook so they get posted in multiple places simultaneously.

The more content you put out, the better chances you have at them being shared. This puts your content in front of even more people. You can also run paid advertising campaigns that can be targeted at people in your area, people that search for your specific service, or people that already interact with your accounts. There are plenty of benefits of digital marketing for builders within social media platforms.

Optimize Your Content

Your website is the best place for people to learn about your company and your services. You want to be sure everything on your website is doing as much as it can to help people find you. This is where search engine optimization (SEO) comes in.

There are a number of complex algorithms that go into arranging the order of results when you search on Google or any other search engine. Your goal is to be the first result when someone searches for your service. People don’t tend to scroll much further than the first page of search results, so you want to be as close to the top as possible.

Optimized content is one of the most essential aspects of digital marketing for builders. Imagine the keywords a potential customer might type into the search engine to find your website. Take those words and base your content around them—page titles, on-screen copy, blog entries, etc. Using these keywords in a reader-friendly way will help your rankings in search results. This helps bring interested customers directly to your website.

Call a Professional

Digital marketing can be very useful for builders to target their audience and engage them. There are many different ways this can be done and they require frequent attention. However, many builders prefer to focus on building and digital marketing, leaving digital marketing to be ignored.

This is where Power Marketing comes in. Our knowledge of both the home building industry as well as digital marketing makes us an indispensable asset to your home building company.

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