The Top 5 Tuesday Tips Of 2016

The Top 5 Tuesday Tips Of 2016

December 27th, 2016


With 2016 just about history and a new, exciting, optimistic 2017 being predicted for homebuilders and small business owners around the country, we thought this week would be the perfect time to look back at The Top 5 Tuesday Tips of the past year.

Ranking criteria are based on analytics, phone calls to the Power Marketing office seeking more information on the week’s topic, and subscriber feedback.

#5. Maximize Your Facebook Business Page (Part Five: Share, Like & Comment)


Readers enjoyed our series detailing how to get the most out of your business Facebook page. However, the final entry regarding the art of social sharing seemed to resonate with readers.

#4 How Can I Improve My Website? (Part Three: Intuition Must Lead The Way)


According to the numbers and the wealth of positive feedback received, Tuesday Tips readers look forward to our multi-part series designed to help them step-by-step with their marketing efforts. One of our most popular series this year was “How Can I Improve My Website?” with “Part Seven: Give Your Visitors What They Want” coming in at number four for the year!

#3 Marketing Automation And Why You Need It (Part One: Know Who Is Visiting Your Website)


Yet another of our detailed series entries made the top five! This one stresses the importance of collecting information from your website visitors to better help them find the service or product they need.

#2 Your Marketing Questions Answered—PPC & SEO


We have our very own Digital Marketing Expert, Trent Semler, to thank for this very informative Tuesday Tip! Trent answers a subscriber’s email regarding the often confusing difference between pay-per-click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

#1 Is Your SEO Company Being Totally Honest With You?


Published in the heart of the summer, this blog was hands down the most popular Tuesday Tip of the year. The article’s title alone was enough to generate conversation about what a business owner should expect from their SEO service—and whether you’re getting what you pay for.

To all of our Tuesday Tips subscribers, thank you for a great 2016! The entire Power Marketing team wishes you a healthy and prosperous new year! If you want us to cover any topics in 2017, please don’t hesitate to call 615.257.0057.