Your Marketing Questions Answered—What You Must Include In Your Website

Your Marketing Questions Answered—What You Must Include In Your Website

December 20th, 2016


Power Marketing’s Web Designer, Sean Maher, answers a question from one of our Tuesday Tips readers.

Q: The time has come for my business to invest in a new website. What considerations should I include when planning our new website?

A: As a Web Designer, I could talk for hours about all the ingredients that contribute to an amazing website, but to be as direct as possible, here’s the most important.

Great Photography

Beautiful, professional, high-quality photos will set your website apart from the competition. One of the biggest mistakes business owners make is thinking they can save money by taking their own pictures—some even with their cell phones—and they will look great once the website is complete. Trust me…they won’t.

Understand The “F” Pattern

Brian discussed this topic in a recent blog, so I’ll refer to that article for more details. I will add, however, that the layout of your website is a true combination of science and art.

Simple Navigation

Your audience came to your website for a reason. They’re looking for “something,” and it’s up to your designer to ensure they find it as quickly as possible.

Mobile Responsive

Research has shown over 56% of website traffic comes from cell phones, iPads, and tablets, and that percentage is expected to increase in 2017. Without a doubt, your new website must be mobile-responsive.

Provide A Solid CTA

Every page of your website should inspire the viewer to take action. Ask them to call your business. Request that they fill out a contact form. Provide an email where they can get more information. Your ultimate goal is to contact potential customers to convert them into clients.

As I said earlier, so much more goes into creating a beautiful, results-oriented website. If you would like to learn more about how Power Marketing can help you design a new website, please call me at 615.257.0057!