Content Is Crucial For Your Homebuilding Website (Part Three: Get To The Point)

Content Is Crucial For Your Homebuilding Website (Part Three: Get To The Point)

September 27th, 2016


Clear, concise, informative content is a must for your homebuilding website. A brief introduction to each page of copy is fine, but resist the urge to present a long-winded preamble just to gain a few extra keywords. Your audience isn’t visiting your site to read textbook content—they want information and you have to give it to them as efficiently as possible.

There’s an art to writing clear, concise copy that will resonate with your buyers. Ideally, you will want to produce the following results in the fastest amount of time as possible.

  • Inform: Give your audience the facts they’re looking for, clear statements regarding where you build, how you build, how long you’ve been building homes and what they can expect from your business. They want to see floor plans, pricing and details regarding what is likely to be the biggest investment they will ever make.
  • Entertain: This may sound counterproductive to conveying all the necessary information as quickly as possible, but it’s not. Readers respond to content that stimulates their imagination. Use words and phrases like “your family will enjoy”, “imagine the memories you will create”, etc. If you can relate the relevant information in a manner that holds their interest you’re closer to the next step…
  • Inspire: Guide your reader to take that next step. Invite them to contact you, fill out a request form or schedule a visit to your sales center. Be direct. Be concise. Tell them what you expect them to do in order to start the process.

No one likes a long-winded conversation with someone they just met. The same goes for their first visit to your website.

Next week we will discuss how to write great content that makes all search engines take notice.