How Can I Improve My Website? (Part Seven: Give Your Visitors What They Want)

How Can I Improve My Website? (Part Seven: Give Your Visitors What They Want)

August 30th, 2016


We’ve made it to the final entry in the series, and if you incorporate our first strategy through what I’m about to present below, you’ll be on your way to getting the most from your homebuilding website. Let’s get right down to the last, but certainly not least, point of how to improve your website.

How many times have you visited a website and found you really couldn’t find the simple information you were looking for? If you’re like most people, your “online patience” is, well, let’s say, limited. You won’t stay on that site for long in instances like this. After all, there are hundreds of other websites vying for your attention.

This begs the question, what information should be included on your website?

My answer is always the same. When you visit a comparison site looking to make a purchase—let’s say a camera—there are normally three or four items listed for your review. One camera may show the retail price of $412, another priced at $435 and doesn’t there seem to always be one listed as “Call For Price”?

How likely are you to pick up the phone and call the vendor? Again, if you’re like most shoppers, highly unlikely…and neither will your homebuyers. We’ve been conditioned to expect websites to provide all the information needed to make an informed decision. If your current homebuilding website doesn’t—guess what—you’ll be eliminated!

Does this mean you have to list the cost of every floor plan down to the penny? Absolutely not, but if you’re hesitant to list price ranges, well, your homebuyers will think you’re too expensive or have something to hide. Either way, they’re moving on to visit your competitors.

There you have it—seven simple tips you can use to improve your website. For your convenience, here’s a bullet point list with links:

  1. Understand Your Computer Screen
  2. Clear A Path
  3. Intuition Must Lead The Way
  4. Don’t Be Eliminated By Cheap Photography
  5. Capture Those Leads (Don’t forget about my upcoming free marketing automation seminar!)
  6. Words Do Count

And, of course, the current article is on your screen right now!

Keep in mind your homebuilding website really is the best marketing tool available. When it comes to such a valuable asset, you owe it to your business to ensure your homebuilding website is professionally designed and built.

If you’re considering a new website or want a detailed review of your current site, please call me at 615.257.0057. You can also schedule a free, no-obligation, 30-minute consultation, allowing us to review your home building site together.