How Can I Improve My Website? (Part Five: Capture Those Leads!)

How Can I Improve My Website? (Part Five: Capture Those Leads!)

August 16th, 2016

Marketing Automation Blog Part 5

Hello again and welcome back to our detailed series “How Can I Improve My Website?”—A handy seven-step approach to ensuring your online home is ready to convert passive lookers into excited clients. If you’re just joining us, welcome! This week I’m going to reveal what I think is one of the best techniques you can implement to attract more customers. Best of all, this one simple tool works 24/7 to ensure your leads become vested in buying their new home from you.

Capture Your Home Buying Leads

If you go back to anytime prior to the year 2000, you’ll remember how important it was to utilize print marketing for your homebuilding company. Can you recall how expensive it was to run all those newspaper ads every week? And we can’t forget about all the printed takeaway material for your homebuyers, and the cold calling and bulk mailings and…well, you get the picture.

Now, your homebuilding website is the number one source for attracting and informing buyers. But how can you tell exactly who visited your site? The answer is much easier than you think!

You need to offer your audience gated material, lead magnets that provide valuable information that potential homebuyers can only receive by submitting their contact information. For instance, if you specialize in building custom homes on preexisting land you may want to tantalize viewers with a free download entitled “Everything You Need To Know About Building On Your Lot”.

Visitors become intrigued, fill out the capture form and BAM—they have information they could only have received from your home building business. More importantly, you now know who they are! Once you’ve captured them, your marketing automation service is able to nurture these prospects through the sales funnel. Best of all, this service, as the name implies, is automated. Communication begins with your valuable leads and continues until they schedule an appointment to meet you at your model home or sales center. It truly is that easy!

Does your homebuilding business utilize capture points? Are you currently capitalizing on the power of marketing automation? If you would like to learn more I will be happy to give you all the details. Schedule your free, no obligation, 30 minute consultation today. You can also call me directly at 301.416.7861.

If you’re local to the DC Metro area, I’m also offering a free seminar explaining the benefits of marketing automation and would love to meet you in person. For dates and to reserve your spot, please click here.

Join us next week as we continue the series by rolling up our sleeves and digging into how important quality content is for your homebuilding website.