How Can I Improve My Website? (Part Three: Intuition Must Lead The Way)

How Can I Improve My Website? (Part Three: Intuition Must Lead The Way)

July 26th, 2016


Welcome back to Part Three of “How Can I Improve My Website”. In the first installment I shared how crucial the visual layout of your website is when displayed on a potential homebuyer’s monitor. Last week, I dug into how quickly your homebuilding website needs to load as well as providing your leads the exact information they need as soon as possible.

Today I’m going to explain the importance of intuition when it comes to your building company’s website.

Intuition Must Lead The Way Through Your Homebuilder Website

Steve Jobs and Apple are arguably the kings of technology intuition. In his book Steve Jobs, Walter Isaacson wrote the Apple visionary’s “aha moment” took place on a hotel porch in South America. A child observed Jobs using his iPhone and asked if he could hold it. Within mere moments, this youngster was able to navigate the cell phone, open and use the apps and fall in love with this incredible new device.

It was that level of intuitiveness that Jobs pursued when developing every product introduced by Apple. Your website must intuitively direct and welcome visitors in the same manner, highlighting your new homes immediately, not gradually.

Does your current builder website provide visitors with an easy, user-friendly design? I will be happy to discuss your homebuilder website—just give me a call at 301.416.7861. You can also schedule a free, no obligation 30 minute website consultation here.

In next week’s installment I’ll detail why great photos are your homebuilding website’s best friend.