Is Your SEO Company Being Totally Honest With You?

Is Your SEO Company Being Totally Honest With You?

June 28th, 2016


Ask anyone if they perform their job with integrity, honesty and transparency and you’ll get a resounding “yes”, but sadly, that’s not always the case when it comes to SEO. If you take the time to peel back the layers of what you’re being told and compare it to what you’re actually buying, chances are you’ll be concerned…and that’s putting it lightly.

In the marketing world I encounter situations much too frequently where unscrupulous digital vendors make blatantly inaccurate claims, all in the hopes of adding another client to their portfolio. Need an example? Here are two I experience all too often.

  1. Sales people that are too eager to overpromise—knowing their product or service will never be able to deliver.
  2. Experts in their particular field that understand they have more knowledge than you on the subject. Sometimes you’re purposefully being misled, as the service provider is aware you’ll never know the difference. You’re likely to take whatever they say as fact.

Here at Power Marketing, we’ve been creating customized websites as well as providing results-driven Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for more than sixteen years. That’s way before everyone was online or owned a smart phone. I can’t even put a number on how many times I’ve met with a homebuilder who was promised the world by organizations who knew they were never going to be able to produce the promised results. That’s not only bad business—it’s unethical!

Have you been sold a bill of goods by these unscrupulous outfits? Ask yourself the following questions and think back to how many times you’ve bought into their claims:

  • SEO companies who promise to optimize your website for 500 keywords when your website barely has enough copy to optimize it for 50.
  • SEO companies who only give you data on your success taken directly from their dashboard— what about Google’s analytics? Ask them for that information and see how quickly they begin tap dancing.
  • SEO companies who tell you they performed a keyword study but actually only provided a “basic list” of keywords—the same ones everyone else in your industry is utilizing. How is this going to truly help your marketing efforts? It’s not.
  • SEO companies who optimize your website for “softballs” —keywords that take little to no actual effort to get results. Want to know why these words aren’t getting any rankings? Because no one is actually searching for them—hence, there is no competition.
  • Online marketing companies who claim they are performing SEO when in reality they are actually only doing the bare minimum. Sure, they’ll place keywords in Meta data and shoehorn words into your content so it’s nearly unreadable for the audience, but hey, in their mind, they’re only writing for the search engines. True SEO not only attracts and satisfies Google’s crawlers, but is also informative, entertaining and easy for your visitors to read.
  • Too many “experts” who offer SEO take advantage of the fact that you don’t know enough about search engine optimization to ever catch them at their game. They can charge you whatever they think they can get away with, and you’re left with a spent budget and little to no results.

I’m here to tell you, directly, as CEO of Power Marketing, I promise, when we work on your SEO campaigns we’re committed to your success. I make certain each of our SEO customers receive the best service and results possible. Every client is provided with detailed analytics on a monthly basis, and we utilize this data to continually improve your results.

Don’t be fooled. Don’t be hoodwinked. Just a year ago some marketing companies claimed the days of focusing on SEO were dead…only to find them back peddling and offering their version of search engine optimization with a vengeance.

Power Marketing has never stopped improving our SEO initiatives for our clients. If you want your website to be found, please, call me directly at 301.416.7861. I offer a FREE no obligation 30-minute consultation for all potential new SEO clients, and you can rest assured, I will stand behind every thing we discuss.