The Most Important Communication Tool In History

The Most Important Communication Tool In History

May 19th, 2016


New home marketing can be a tricky beast. I’ve been helping homebuilders gain more exposure for their businesses for just about a quarter of century…maybe a bit more, and I find myself still learning new marketing techniques nearly every week. But there’s one tool, one single marketing component homebuilders should be utilizing that’s been available for much longer than you or I have been alive. 

When Johannes Gutenberg, a simple goldsmith and businessman from a small mining town known as Mainz, Germany, invented his printing press, he probably had no idea of the ramifications to come. The printed word wasn’t new. His Gutenberg Bible wasn’t even the first book ever replicated using moveable type. The Chinese are believed to have done it nearly 400 years earlier. So, why all the hype? After all, words—or symbols— have been written down in some manner since the first caveman chased a herd of bison. We take writing for granted, and that’s a huge mistake. All too often business owners fail to understand how powerful well-crafted content truly is.

The printed word is the most important communication tool in history….until maybe now.  With the dawning of the Internet words have now taken on an entirely new new level of power!  Consider this:

  • Well-crafted words can calm a nation during difficult economic times.
  • Passionate words can incite a riot or bring peace to a wounded heart.
  • Words of kindness can turn away anger.
  • Misspoken words can destroy a life.

Yes, words are that powerful.

Twenty years ago, who would have believed we could communicate with friends and family instantly via text messaging? Would you have ever dreamed of being able to publish your thoughts and release them, literally, to a worldwide audience with the click of a mouse? You have to ask yourself, as a business owner, are you utilizing this privilege to your full power? Website visitors deserve to be exposed to well written content, copy that will resonate with them. That’s a big responsibility, but it’s true. Sure you can write some keyword loaded content, throw it on your website and hope the search engine gods will treat your url kindly—but your prospects certainly deserve better than that.

When it comes to engaging your audience it’s imperative you provide the best creative content possible. This is a critical step in not only building trust with your readers, but letting them know you respect their time, intelligence, and are willing to go through the extra effort not only when it comes to your website, but when they choose to become your customer.

If you would like more information regarding the power of creative content, please feel free to contact me directly at 301.416.7861. We’d be happy to schedule a free 30-minute consultation to discuss your content needs.

Until next week!