Marketing Blunders Part Ten: Failure To Automate

Marketing Blunders Part Ten: Failure To Automate

April 8th, 2016

Welcome back to the last in our ten part series. This week we’re going to discuss marketing automation and how, as a homebuilder, if you’re utilizing this service you’re making a costly mistake.

If you’re trying to avoid any of the things we’ve addressed up to this point by yourself, stop! You’re wasting time, energy and money. Worse, your marketing efforts won’t be nearly as effective as they will if you automate those processes.

If you think of your business as a machine, then the more you streamline and automate each key process in your business, the better and more efficient the machine will run. You likely have processes in place for estimating, purchasing, construction, etc. which you’ve automated (think online banking and automated payments). But do you have processes for finding and converting leads? Are they automated?

The tools of marketing automation include web forms to capture leads, a CRM to keep track of every prospect, an easy way to segment your list based on needs, interests, timing, etc., as well as an automated response system to nurture interest with prospects, notifying you when it’s time to follow up. You can even manage your Customer Appreciation Program automatically. Even if you delegate the clerical part of your marketing to a minimum wage employee, you’ll spend more than you should and receive only substandard results. Automation is the competitive edge every builder must have to gain market and keep buyers and customers happy.

What’s The Bottom Line?

Implications: Performing key marketing and follow-up tasks manually is slow, cumbersome, expensive and inefficient. You’ll let more sales slip through your net than you will close.

Solution: Utilize a marketing automation system, such as Infusionsoft, that combines all the essentials into one easy to use system. For a done-for-you system designed exclusively for builders, contractors and housing customized to your specific needs and housing companies, consider Easy LeadLocker, Power Marketing’s exclusive service for builders based on the Infusionsoft platform.


Marketing is an ever-changing arena. What worked to attract and capture buyers in the past could be antiquated and ineffective today. Search engines change the way they index websites and deliver search results on a continual basis, requiring constant adjustments to your content and SEO to maintain position and page rank. New outlets are continually being introduced and modern tools developed that improve efficiency and effectiveness of your marketing, allowing you to reach more targeted buyers with a more specific and relevant message.

If you feel confident that you’ve escaped all ten of the ‘marketing blunders’ listed here, congratulations—but be warned: Keep up or you’ll lose out. If you see areas where you’re losing leads or not converting like you should give me a call.

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