Homebuilders Need To Mirror People, Not Things

Homebuilders Need To Mirror People, Not Things

April 29th, 2016


Homebuilders Need To Mirror People, Not Things

As a homebuilder you know how convenient and smart it is to present your product visually. This is the tried and true way builders have always marketed their homes, and for good reason. Of course a well structured homebuilding marketing automation, great SEO practices, intuitive website design and being active on social media with potential homeowners all works, too.

But I’ve always been a firm believer that good photography doesn’t sell—but great photography does! So what makes a picture great?

Brian Flook Power Marketing Building Industry ExpertThe key is to present your product in a way that activates the brain’s mirror neurons. You’re probably thinking to yourself “Brian, I’m not a neurosurgeon. What the heck is a mirror neuron?” That’s a fair question that’s best explained like this….

Have you ever noticed when you see someone yawn, you also find yourself feeling the need to do the same? Or, what about the immediate feeling of empathy you experience when you see a tragic story presented on the news? Both of these examples are directly related to the activity of your mirror neurons.

Mothers experience the power of the brain’s mirror neurons frequently, often fighting the urge to show other moms how to take care of their children. It’s a very human trait, very primal in nature.

In your sales centers and client videos, do you show happy homeowners interacting with your product? If not you’re missing a huge opportunity. It’s not the products we’re instinctively relating to, it’s the people using the products. Use this to your advantage!

Incorporate images of mom preparing a beautiful meal in the kitchen. Let’s see some pictures of dad tinkering in the garage. How about a cozy image of the kids watching a movie in the family room?

You get it, and so will your homebuyers!

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