Marketing Blunders Part Seven: Cheap Photography & Video

Marketing Blunders Part Seven: Cheap Photography & Video

March 18th, 2016


Hello again, and thanks for stopping in to checkout our ongoing series “The Top Ten Marketing Blunders To Avoid”. We’ve covered a lot ground so far, everything from failure to follow up with your home buying leads, not ensuring your homebuilding website is indexed on Google, not speaking in terms your prospects can identify with—even improper use of social media! But this week, as promised, I’m going to address the one thing that can turn off your home buyers quicker than anything else: Cheap Photography.

See things through your buyer’s eyes: They are comparing homes, builders and communities online. The quality of your offerings is judged completely on the basis of what they see. If your photos stink, well, they assume your homes do too.

Shopping for a new home is a visceral experience; it is about the feeling and emotion the buyer experiences, not the facts you want them to understand. With this in mind, professionally staged or merchandised photos are an absolute must, as these trigger the desired emotions. Studies show that great exterior photos are critical as well; buyers won’t consider a home that doesn’t have curb appeal. I once heard Nicki Joy say this: “When did a customer ever pull up to a house and say, ‘that is really ugly, let’s go in’? Follow those up with interior shots that convey space, warmth and character. When possible, your website should feature amazing quality photos of people actually enjoying time in their new home. Why? Studies have proven pictures that convey smiling, happy faces resonate better with buyers than even the most highly decorated—but otherwise uninhabited—room.

What’s The Bottom Line?

Implications: You are being judged strictly by what your prospects see online. If your pictures are of poor quality, the perception will be that you are too. A beautifully presented home, though, will compel buyers to get in their cars and visit your site in person.

Solution: Include at least some professional quality photography in your marketing. It’s better to have fewer high-quality photos than to add more photos of inferior quality. If you don’t have any good photos to show, don’t spend another penny on marketing until you do.

Remember, when it comes time to invest in photography, don’t be pennywise and pound foolish! Do you have any questions up to this point regarding the Top Ten Marketing Mistakes To Avoid? Feel free to give me a call at 301.416.7861!

Next go round we’re going to discuss how important it is to promote client testimonials.