Marketing Blunders Part Three: Sluggish Follow-Up

Marketing Blunders Part Three: Sluggish Follow-Up

February 19th, 2016


Hopefully you’ve been finding our ongoing series “The Top Ten Marketing Blunders” useful! This time, Dear Homebuilder, we’re going to talk about the importance of following up with your home buying leads…you are following up, right?

Sorry, but as an industry our follow-up sucks. Studies show that only about 35% of qualified new home buyers ever get any follow up at all, and less than 15% will be followed up with relevant information. And while 80% of home purchases are made after the 5th sales contact, most salespeople give up after three attempts. So, why spend money to generate leads that aren’t going to get worked anyway? Lack of follow-up is the primary reason leads simply vanish.

Timing is a huge factor. Speed of response is the new measure of service quality. 44% of prospects that make an online inquiry expect a response within 30 minutes, and buyers who receive a response within five minutes are seven times more likely to continue the conversation. If they’re not contacted immediately they will move on to your competitor…Bye!

What’s The Bottom Line?

Implications: Buyers need to trust you before they’ll even think about buying from you. Trust is built when you consistently show attention and work to earn their business. Fail here, and they’ll buy elsewhere.

Solution: Automated nurture campaigns deliver consistent, relevant information that build trust and rapport, increasing sales by up to 300%. Plus, they work even when you’re not and they nurture early prospects giving you more time to close deals.

Next week we’re going to discuss why you need to make sure your website is indexed by Google! If you have any questions so far regarding the marketing mistakes in the past few blogs, don’t hesitate to call me at 301.416.7861.