Ever Thought About Automating Your Lead Capture Process?

Ever Thought About Automating Your Lead Capture Process?

January 15th, 2016

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When it comes to new home sales, no other tool comes close to the importance of your home building website. As new home sales trainer, Myers Barnes puts it, “The website is the new sales model.” Great, so your homebuilding company has a new website! Want to know what statistically happens next?….Nothing.

97% of your website visitors, even those that are interested in buying or moving into a new home, don’t take any action. And because they don’t act, usually you can’t either! Unless they identify themselves, you don’t even know whom they are or how to reach out to them. On average, about 3% of the leads that you attract (I’m being generous) might be ready to speak to a salesperson immediately. The other 97% will need a bit more coaxing before they’re ready to sit down and talk business. For them, you must have a well-developed and automated nurturing program.

I’m sure by now you’ve heard of Easy LeadLocker, but have you really taken the time to understand all the benefits? I highly suggest taking a few minutes to visit www.EasyLeadLocker.com in order to truly realize how you can automatically capture prospects, nurture them and convert them into full-fledged customers.

I’ll be at the International Builders’ Show all this week but will be returning to the office Monday, January 25th. If you’d like to speak with me regarding how this incredible marketing automation service can help your business, please call me at 310.416.7861, leave me a message and the best time to reach you and I’ll be happy to set up a time for your FREE Consultation.