There’s A Big Discrepancy Between Better And Different

There’s A Big Discrepancy Between Better And Different

October 12th, 2015

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I’ve been helping homebuilders market new homes since 1992, and in that time I’ve come to the realization that too many builders are unable to articulate how they’re different from the competition. When I ask homebuilders what makes them different, nine times out of ten they respond with “Well, we’re a quality builder of new homes…”—stop! I haven’t met a home builder yet who hasn’t claimed to be a quality builder! What I want to know is what makes your home building company unique.

Uniqueness is a characteristic that our brain truly embraces. In many ways uniqueness is given similar attention as fear. We all possess fight or flight behaviors. When we encounter something that creates immediate fear, our sympathetic nervous system stimulates our adrenal glands which in turn increases the release of adrenalin and noradrenalin. These are what cause the body to increase our heartbeat, breathing rate and blood pressure. Fight or flight!

Your brain’s ability to embrace (as in open the door to your conscious mind) certain things is a result of your reticular activating system. It determines which stimuli are “important” and which are not “important.” Not only does it make this decision; it can also be trained to “tune out or in” certain things. For instance, it is your reticular activating system that helps you learn to sleep when the train goes by your home at night. At first the locomotive, airplane, highway, or snoring husband keeps you awake; but eventually your brain decides that this disturbance isn’t important and blocks it out, shoving it into your sub-conscience. Additionally, important information like a baby’s cry or bang in the night are immediately processed as important and routed to your very conscious brain… BOOM, wake up!

Uniqueness has the unusual capacity to do just that. When we experience something that is truly unique, our brain says:”this is really cool and therefore, important – PAY ATTENTION!” It is like a traffic light. Uniqueness equals green light.

Now, the question is how is your business, product or service truly unique? Not better, but different. Better is a boring measurement of oneupmanship. It is a ‘my hammer is bigger than your hammer’ kind of thing. Better is cleaner, brighter, sturdier, cheaper, louder, bigger, fancier, faster… well you get it. Better is boring! No one cares that you claim to clean offices cleaner. No one cares that you claim to build better insulated homes. No one cares when you say you have the best coffee. Everyone claims their own type of better.

Different is unique and truly attention-grabbing! Lexus is better, Tesla is different! Dell was cheaper, Apple was different. Different sets you apart and gives your marketing wings. Wanna be different?

I am offering a half-day (4-hour) session to 10 companies to discover your organization’s uniqueness and help you formulate marketing messaging that will get attention.  For the one-time only price of $750 (plus any necessary expenses), I will meet with your organization (depending where you are of course) and take you through a process to discover your unique selling proposition and convert it into a truly unique message and call to action. Email me directly at [email protected] to arrange your personal, one-on-one meeting with me to change your business world.