It’s Coming… BuilderRadio. Bigger. Better. Badder.

It’s Coming… BuilderRadio. Bigger. Better. Badder.

September 9th, 2015

Power Marketing, has acquired BuilderRadio , the international source of educational information for the homebuilding industry.

Since 2007, BuilderRadio has offered access to professional interviews, detailed reports, webinars and courses relative to every aspect of new home sales and marketing, as well as finance, construction and economics via a weekly podcast entitled “Your Monday Morning Sales Meeting”.

Power Marketing President and CEO Brian Flook: “We’re thrilled to bring the BuilderRadio brand under the Power Marketing umbrella. For nearly 25 years our agency has specialized in helping the homebuilding client achieve the sales results they demand. When the opportunity arose to bring Scott Stroud on board there was no hesitation.”

Flook is referring to co-founder of BuilderRadio, sales and marketing veteran Scott Stroud. With over three decades worth of experience in new home sales, marketing, construction and speaking appearances, Stroud and Flook utilize their wide network of industry professionals to share their insights on BuilderRadio’s weekly podcast.

Scott Stroud states: “BuilderRadio has always been about sharing information. Since it’s inception, the goal has been to give the audience the opportunity to pick the brains of industry leaders, those that have ‘been there, done that’ and are willing to help others. In the upcoming months listeners will hear from leading industry experts like Myers Barnes, Jeff Shore, Elliot Eisenberg, Kay Green, and many more. A really diverse group of leaders, yet each with a common bond— a desire to help nurture home ownership. Brian and I, along with the tools of Power Marketing and the reach of BuilderRadio, want to provide insight and opportunity to any business that advances the American Dream.”

S.Robert August, President of North Star Synergies, the leader in new home management strategies highly recommends BuilderRadio’s robust offerings: “Without a doubt, BuilderRadio provides the finest educational opportunity for any industry professional. Their programs are always timely, providing excellent academic and pragmatic information from elite practitioners. Scott and Brian deliver education that can be used today, tomorrow and well into the future. By applying the tactics and strategies learned from BuilderRadio, any listener will improve their sales, closings, cash flow and profits for their company and associates.”

According to Brian Flook, is in the process of receiving a complete overhaul, providing an easy to use navigation with a robust library of over 300 podcasts, all categorized for simplified search. “Yes, we’ve given the website the full treatment with a late an industry campaign Scott and I have dubbed ‘BuilderRadio Reloaded’. Even those businesses that you may not normally consider as being involved in the American Dream, small business owners that circle the periphery of the industry, like your local landscaping company or an interior designer—they will now be able to easily network and learn from other industry veterans.”

The new website will also feature a marketplace for books, reports, white papers and much more. Additionally, the site will include a directory of listeners, experts, consultants and vendors to the industry.

BuilderRadio’s inaugural guest will be Jeff Shore, President of Shore Consulting, leading keynote speaker and author of “Be Bold And Win The Sale”. Listeners will learn the importance of continually building their boldness as if a muscle, avoiding meekness, reluctance and discomfort; traits that have a negative impact on sales.

Power Marketing is a full-service marketing firm founded by Brian Flook in 1992, offering a variety of services including website design and creation, branding, search engine optimization and marketing automation strategies. Power Marketing has worked with business owners nationwide with a specialization in the homebuilding industry.

For additional information contact Brian Flook at 301.416.7861 or via email at [email protected].