Another Step To Help You Get The Most From Your Leads

Another Step To Help You Get The Most From Your Leads

September 10th, 2015

Say “Hello” to Power Marketing’s Trent Semler. He’s got a great smile, don’t you think? Want to know why he’s grinning like the cat that caught the canary?

I’m proud to announce that Trent has been promoted from Web Designer to Power Marketing’s in-house Digital Marketing Expert. That may sound like a pretty boastful title, but let me tell you, he’s earned it!

As a loyal reader of our Tuesday Tips, you know we’ve been working very closely with Infusionsoft, the marketing automation leader when it comes to helping small businesses get organized, grow sales and save time. Recently, Trent packed his bags and headed off to sunny Chandler, Arizona, spending a week at Infusionsoft’s headquarters. There, he was put through his paces during an intensive, grueling program, learning all the ins, outs and in-betweens of this incredible service.

I’m proud to announce Trent passed the course with flying colors! Yes, along with Scott Stroud, Power Marketing now has two Infusionsoft Certified Partners. Right about now you’re probably thinking to yourself, “Brian, what in the world does this have to do with me?” Well, I’m glad you asked!

Power Marketing is now empowered to help even more small business owners attract, nurture and convert prospects utilizing the strength of Easy LeadLocker, our own marketing automation service built on the proven Infusionsoft platform.

Here’s what Trent has to say about his new accomplishment: “I’m very proud to have earned this certification. The skills learned during the intensive program has definitely enabled me to educate our clients to help them achieve the best results from our marketing automation service, Easy LeadLocker.”

I can’t tell you all how proud I am of Trent! He’s been servicing our client’s SEO, design and Google AdWords accounts for years—now he has the additional knowledge to conceptualize and craft very specific campaigns to direct business directly to your door. This is really powerful stuff! It doesn’t matter if you’re a home builder, a pool company or IT firm; Easy LeadLocker was created to attract, engage and nurture your leads from the “tire-kicking” phase all the way through to the extremely satisfied customer phase.

Would you like to discuss exactly what Easy LeadLocker can do for your business? Give me a call at 301.416.7861 and I’ll be happy to introduce you to Trent or Scott—heck, even all three of us will gladly schedule a meeting with you—and come up with a plan customized to your specific needs!

…till next week!

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