Find That Niche That Only You Can Scratch

Find That Niche That Only You Can Scratch

July 11th, 2015

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The Internet has certainly changed nearly everything we ever knew about marketing … but not everything. Today I want to talk about something that many of you already know, but few actually practice: The art of carving out a market niche. In today’s information-overloaded world, if you say three things you’ve said nothing. The ability to focus your message has always been a marketing recipe for success. The sharper your marketing arrow is the deeper it will pierce.

Scattershot Marketing Vs. Bullseye Marketing

Unfortunately, the power behind true target marketing is also its weakness. Why do so many businesses choose “shotgun marketing” over the precision of deadly accurate bullseye marketing? Two main reasons….

First, utilizing the  shotgun approach has historically guaranteed at least some collateral results. Second, the pinpoint accuracy of target marketing leaves your marketing department on pins and needles. They know there is a large audience that won’t get caught in the small net you’re casting. Yes, that’s a bit unnerving for the inexperienced marketer, but it shouldn’t be.

The ultimate power of the Internet isn’t its ability to find you millions of customers, although it certainly can. The true power of online marketing  is the ability to identify your targeted customer. Therein is the secret to creating your specific niche. Never in history has there been a tool as powerful as the Internet to locate specific buyers who are looking for the exact product or service you offer!

Scratch That Niche!

So how do you determine a niche? Which niche is best for you? Don’t think you need to make your entire company a niche company? You should seriously reconsider your perspective—many businesses have made millions speaking directly to their niche audience. Sometimes the best approach to niche marketing is a medium-term campaign targeting a specific need. Here’s the deal. Find a problem associated with your business and you have found a niche. Meet a need and you’ll succeed!

Do you remember the Domino’s promise: “You get fresh, hot pizza delivered to your door in 30 minutes or less—or it’s free.” For reasons outside the scope of this conversation they can no longer use that USP (unique selling proposition), but it worked like magic. Your USP isn’t a slogan; it’s a unique “no one else can do it” promise, selling your compelling message that prompts your customers into action.

So, let’s say your business is a roadside market/gift shop. Most take this advertising and marketing approach: “We have fresh fruits and vegetables, snacks and seasonal gifts.” Reasonable enough. But not as effective as: “Guaranteed fresh organic fruits and vegetables. And while the supply lasts we have handmade, local country baskets.”

Now, like Domino’s Pizza, there is more to the pitch than words. Domino’s had to be able to perform or they would be giving away a lot of pizza. They designed their entire system around that promise. The orders had to be immediately processed, the pizza had to cook quickly enough, the drivers had to know the area, and they had to keep it hot and tasty just to name a few challenges. If Domino’s can do it for an entire business model your company can do it for a campaign or two. If your brand is built around the promise “Guaranteed Organic” you will have to make sure you can achieve it. That means you must be capable that you carry enough organic produce to appease the customer.

Pursuing a market niche requires precision and clear customer understanding. That shouldn’t scare you because if you can capture your target you will win big. What if the executives at Domino’s had said, “no, we don’t want to pursue that promise because not everyone wants their pizza in 30 minutes or less?” Or what if FedEx decided that guaranteed overnight delivery would mean they would lose people who were perfectly content with 72-hour delivery? The point is this: if you can successfully brand your campaign or company as the owners of a targeted, specific promise and succeed, you will win big.

Contact us today and learn how you can position your business to maximize the Internet truly capturing your coveted demographic. Trust me, it’s possible, the Power Marketing team is elbows deep in it every day, helping our clients identify their niche!