What Is At The Heart Of The American Dream?

What Is At The Heart Of The American Dream?

March 26th, 2015


American Dream


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Need some inspiration? Read about Brian Flook’s American Dream below!

May I share something with you? With your permission, I’d like to tell you what really lit my fire, what has fueled my passion for the building industry for all these years —The American Dream! What’s at the heart of this idealistic, uniquely American vision? What one event, one word, more than anything else, solidifies the fact that we are achieving our goals?


There is really nothing quite like experiencing the joy and satisfaction of watching as a family chooses, then settles on their new home. Our homes are more than a simple brick-and-mortar shelter, a safe place to lay our heads and raise our families. Where we live is where we create memories, where we foster relationships, and where we continue to grow and evolve into who we are. Here at Power Marketing, this is really what it’s all about; to do our part to strengthen the American Dream, empowering the homebuilding industry for families just like yours and mine.

When Power Marketing opened in 1992, on Valentine’s Day to be exact, I had already worked in the housing business for five years. I had earned my Master in Residential Marketing and worked for one of the smartest men I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. He opened my eyes to what home building really represents. Throughout the years, whether crafting advertising copy, performing market research, or visiting hundreds BFIBSof model homes in order to better understand the mind of the homebuyer, I realize now that I was falling in love with the idea of helping others achieve the American Dream. To this very day, it is this love affair that continues to fuel my passion as well as that of the entire Power Marketing team.

First and foremost, Power Marketing is a marketing company. We create results, not widgets. We leverage our insights in the world of homebuilding into solutions that help our clients succeed. We have helped customers across the entire spectrum of the industry ranging from builders and home manufacturers, paving companies, home security firms, and nearly everything in between.

A prerequisite to creating true solutions means we must completely understand our audience. The onus is on us to create a compelling, persuasive message. I sincerely believe interesting, vital messaging can overcome audience apathy and attention deficit. Your message must not only compete but also truly prevail over the ever-present noise and constant distractions the audience is subjected to every hour of every day. Compelling marketing adds more than value; it adds distinct value, a commodity only available as a direct result of uniqueness. For over 30 years, in several careers, I have honed this particular skill. In that time, I’ve learned the ability to be “different” is more important than the ability to be “better” than the other guy. I leverage my passions, not my strengths. Strengths are a dime a dozen. True passion is rare!

Whether we are creating a new website or a comprehensive marketing automation package, we begin with an understanding of what truly moves your customer. What really drives their decision? What message do they find truly compelling? Once these two discoveries are clear, we can understand what motivates them to click a link, send an email, or make a phone call. These insights allow us to influence your prospects, leading them to become happy customers. At Power Marketing, we are never satisfied with simply building websites, eblasts, videos, or direct mail pieces; the goal is to find those ever-elusive solutions that will generate sales!

When you choose to partner with the award-winning Power Marketing team, you will become part of our passion: Building the American Dream! Regardless of where your business fits in the housing industry, we can help you achieve your goals. Everyone deserves a chance to own his or her own piece of America. That’s why we do what we do. When you trust your company’s marketing with us, rest assured you will be helping to drive our passion to help your clients share in the American Dream.

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