A Power Marketing Year In Review

A Power Marketing Year In Review

December 24th, 2014

2014 was a great year for Power Marketing and our valued clients! We thought it would be fun to take a look back at some of the amazing businesses we helped exceed their marketing goals as well as some of the best reviewed blog articles from the past year. Join us as we travel through 2014!

The Best Of 2014

Julie Gaver Training & Development

When Julie contacted us about crafting a new website for her business we were thrilled, taking on the project with gusto! Not only are we incredibly proud of the results, Julie asked us to create an additional site for “Must Love Shoes”, her socially fun site where you can purchase her books, learn about her charitable events and, well, basically share your love of all things shoes! Thanks, Julie, for choosing Power Marketing!

What Good Is Building A Website If No One Can Find It?

We recently posted an article detailing the importance of SEO, and boy, did we get a tremendous amount of positive feedback from this one! Power Marketing intends to continue writing valuable articles regarding sound advice and actual tips that anyone can use to improve exposure for their business.

Who Needs A Customized Tool Box?

Another project from this past year that we’re bursting with pride over! If you’re looking for a customized tool box for your vehicle, you really have to check out Truck-Tool-Box.com, Bobby and the gang have just the right box to fit any vehicle you can throw at them!

Amazing Advice For Homebuilders From Scott Stroud

We will always remember 2014 as the year Scott joined the Power Marketing team! Check out this must read article detailing the seven key numbers homebuilders must keep in mind when marketing their business.

If Creative Content Is So Crucial Why Is It So Often Ignored?

Yet another of our helpful blog articles that received very positive feedback from our readers. In this post, we detail how important relevant, entertaining and creative content is to the success of your website.

Leading The Way In Hi-Tech Cabling

Just another example of a very happy client! Power Marketing created a whole new website, including fresh SEO content and eye catching design, for ProTek Fiber. Thanks, Jason, for trusting your company’s online presence with us!

A Holiday Story

This was a really fun blog post putting a new spin on the Holiday classic “’Twas The Night Before Christmas”. We hope you like it as much as we do!

Top Ten Reasons You Must Properly Market Your Business

All business owners understand they must market their goods or services, but that doesn’t mean they actually do it! Here you will find a concise list detailing why you must invest in promoting your business or risk being lost in the shuffle.

Can You Spot The Thief?

Pretty catchy headline, right? We came up with this concept for ADS Datacom, when they approached Power Marketing in need of a new website for their security company. One of their main stipulations what they wanted the site to be “different”, and “fun”. We think we nailed it! What do you think?

We hope you liked this quick review of just some of the highlights of the past year! If your business is looking to increase exposure don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to becoming your trusted partner in 2015!

Have A Healthy & Prosperous New Year!