A Holiday Story From Power Marketing

A Holiday Story From Power Marketing

December 17th, 2014


‘Twas the night before Christmas, I was filled with concern.

My marketing budget, last year did I burn.

Not seeing return from the cash we did spend,

I promised my boss, in the New Year it would end.


“Our company requires the right type of exposure,

if you don’t change things soon, I may lose my composure.”

With my employers words, so sharp from his tongue,

I went to the web, my ears how they stung!


We needed a partner with knowledge and skill,

not just an agency that would send us a bill.

Content and social, Google optimization.

From my frosty desk window, the boss left for vacation.


Just the right team I must find at this hour.

A marketing force, proven, with power.

It wasn’t too long ‘til I found just the one!

A Hagerstown business, so vital, so fun!


I called the phone number, to leave a voice mail,

but a kindly man answered, so I told him my tale.

“I just stopped by to change the black printer toner,

my name is Brian, Power Marketing’s owner.”


“Sorry to call so late Christmas Eve,

but we need some advice, by the way I am Steve.”

“I happy to hear you were surfing our website.

Must be very serious, looking on Christmas Eve night.”


I explained all our problems, complete, warts and all,

which convinced me to place this end of year call.

He listened intently, as thoughts came from my brain.

As I finished he said, “Steve, I can so feel your pain.”


“There’s so much involved in promoting your brand,

website design, emails and print should be planned.

We work with our clients, truly joining their team.

We study your problems, a solution we gleam.”


“I suggest I come see you, the day after next,

at no obligation, no invoice, no checks.

Explaining in person all our team does,

Until that time you should check out the buzz!”


We scheduled or meeting right here at my place.

I emailed my boss, and then called just in case.

I informed in detail of the upcoming meeting.

Much kinder, much nicer myself he was treating.


I’ve heard of their talent,” my boss he had said.

“I know with their help next year we’ll be out of the red!

Now go and enjoy time with your child and your wife,

And stress out no longer ‘bout our past marketing strife.”


I ended my call having addressed all our needs,

I knew that next year we would lock in our leads.

Power Marketing, I know, is tried and is true

In the upcoming year more sales will accrue!

Happy Holidays From Power Marketing!