Internet Marketing MD 101: 5 Content Ideas for Your Blog

Internet Marketing MD 101: 5 Content Ideas for Your Blog

May 22nd, 2014

5 Content ideas for your blog

Every business has to a story to tell, and your blog is the perfect outlet for sharing this information with your audience. If you’re not blogging and your competitors are, they’re tapping into an audience you’re neglecting. Next time your prospects need advice, products or services, they’ll seek them from your competitors, not you.

5 Simple Content Ideas For Blogging Success

Blog About Upcoming Or Recent Events

Unless you’re sitting in a dark and dingy basement ahrell day (How has your business survived this long?! No, really, I want to know!), chances are you’re constantly out and about, attending trade shows, conferences, networking events and meeting new faces to help put your name on the map. These experiences are prime blog real estate. Where did you go? What did you see? Who did you meet? What does this mean for your business? Give shout-outs in the form of links and broadcast your honest opinions. Here is an example of a blog post our Maryland SEO company wrote about a marketing conference we attended in D.C.

Blog Readers Really Appreciate Lists

We’re all cognitive learners — we thrive on organization, and we love other people to do the organizing for us! Be it number or bullet form, lists work online because people tend to skim instead of reading line by line like they would a book. Lists help delineate chunks of content, making information easier to digest. They help readers quickly get up to speed on a topic, plus they’re more likely to share your content if they feel they’ve acquired value.

Who Isn’t Intrigued With A “How-To” Blog?

Think of how many times you’ve had a problem — a flat tire, for example — and typed “how to change a flat tire” into a search engine. Like lists, how-to articles make reading and retaining information easy. These posts help solve your readers’ problems and convince them what you have to say is worth their time. And, the higher the quality of your content, the better your search engine optimization MD.

Client Testimonials Make Great Blogs

No matter how long you’ve been in business, odds are you have at least one happy customer willing to share his/her experience. Customers rely on reviews to determine if a product or service is worthy or not. Seek your most satisfied customers and ask them a few detailed questions about your customer service, quality of products or services, how you met or exceeded their expectations, and so on. Demonstrate how you met their needs, and add quotes and anecdotes to help build your credibility.

Have Some Case Studies? Blog About ‘Em

Have a success story worth bragging about? Do it! Consider writing a blog post that explains how you helped a specific customer improve his/her life with your products or services. Use actual data (ex: the percentage of clicks your real estate website design had before your SEO campaign compared to after) that translates to your market. Charts and other visuals are very effective, so give your readers something besides just words to look at.

A few final tips: After you’ve written a new blog post, remember to optimize for SEO by incorporating your keywords (see tips here). Don’t forget a call to action — a statement that redirects readers to another section of your site or encourages them to pick up the phone, visit your store or seek out your services some other way. And, always share your posts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social networking sites.

Still not confident in your blogging skills? From creative copywriting to copy-loaded blog content, our Maryland marketing team can leverage the power of the written word for you. We can write and edit any copy you need, and show you how to make your content better, stronger and more powerful. Give us a call at 301-416-7861, or click here to learn more.