How to Stand Out Among Your Competition

How to Stand Out Among Your Competition

February 7th, 2014

brian flook, internet marketing md

Today’s consumer has a ton of marketing messages to sift through every day. To set yourself apart from the competition, you need a unique selling proposition (USP). Your USP is like the light bulb in the darkness. It will illuminate so potential buyers can see what you’re selling and respond immediately. To be effective, your USP must be four things:

Your USP Must Be Compelling

You must understand your target buyers and their needs, preferences, and values. Here’s a good example. Godiva Chocolatier and The Hershey Company both make chocolate, but they differ in one significant way. Godiva promotes the concept of ‘premium chocolate’ by marketing their message on gift purchases and making their packaging look irresistible. Godiva is the ‘exquisite’ chocolate you give to someone special, while Hershey convinces consumers to buy their chocolate to eat.

Godiva has a brilliant marketing message, and at its center is the compelling proposition that you will be rewarded if you “give Godiva.” Your company needs a USP this compelling so prospective buyers will naturally think of you when they’re in the market for your products or services.

Your Unique Selling Proposition Must Be Believable

Avoid broad generalities, exaggerations, and platitudes. In order to create a believable USP, you must know the difference between the features of your products or services and the benefits your customer expects from those features. Your USP should make a believable appeal to your target market and demonstrate the benefits they’ll receive from your brand.

Is Your USP Effective?

To be effective, your message must appeal to the specific needs and desired benefits of your target audience. When you attempt to sell something, the consumer must drive the sales message. Take a gas fireplace, for example. If you’re talking with a young couple, you’d paint a pleasant picture that focuses on the benefits they desire — cozy nights by the fire, the warmth of heat when it’s snowing outside, and the romantic aspects of a flickering fire. If you talk about BTUs or energy efficiency, you’ll likely lose their interest. By not trying to be everything to everyone and instead something to someone specific, you give your company the edge it needs in the marketplace.

A Great USP Is Very Concise

As you mention your USP, keep in mind that the only way to make it concise is to make it 100 percent consumer-centric and state it as briefly as possible. Potential buyers aren’t worried about how wonderful your company is or how good your reputation is. They want a brief, succinct, and direct message that explains what you can give to them. Consider this USP: The Ultimate Driving Machine! It’s concise, powerful, and effective.

By laying a solid foundation of what your brand is and how it’s different from your competitors, your business can confidently build and grow in your market. Our branding company can help you discover what you want your customers to perceive about your product or service. Call us today at 615-257-0057 or click here to stand out among your competitors and drive better sales results.